5 Ways Your Digital Reputation Could Impact Your Career

Digital Reputation

Have you ever withdrawn your support for someone after noticing their distasteful behavior? We’ve all done it, but the notion has taken on a whole new meaning in the digital age. Now, your digital reputation can wreak havoc on your life.

Do you think your online persona won’t impact your real-world career? Think again!

Just ask the many victims of cancel culture who’ve destroyed their careers with one post.

Not sure what consequences can come from an online post? Read on to learn five ways your digital reputation could impact your career.

1. Lose Out On Job Opportunities

Your internet reputation can haunt you by limiting your opportunities in life. If potential employers see some red flags, then you might not ever get the chance to get the job of your dreams. Here’s what might put off potential employers:

  • News articles referencing past criminal activity
  • Social media posts that show you partying or partaking in illegal activities
  • Tweets or posts that could get interpreted as inflammatory, racist, or conspiratorial
  • Disrespect towards authority figures or police

Any of these online activities could put a stop to your career opportunities.

2. Get a Warning from HR

Do you already have a stable career? Don’t think you’re off the hook! If your co-workers spot a distasteful Tweet, they might report you to HR.

It’s legal for your employer to check out your online activities. In fact, most employers do. If HR spots a problem, then you could get a warning. This is especially true if your co-workers report the misdeed.

3. Lose Your Job

In the worst situations, HR might decide to fire you. Remember — it’s HR’s job to protect the company’s brand. If your posts reflect negatively on the company, then they have a right to end your employment.

Firing someone for online behavior is becoming very common. Keep that in mind before you post that sarcastic or politically-charged meme!

4. Getting Blacklisted and Shadow Banned

One of the worst things that can happen due to your online rep is getting blacklisted. That means you won’t even get considered for a position in your field or industry. You’ll get stuck in an auto-reject pile for what seems like forever.

Job recruiters don’t have an ‘official’ blacklist. Despite that, most candidates believe that one exists.

Shadow banning also prevents you from getting online exposure. You might have to buy followers just to appear legitimate. Click here for more details on that.

5. Face Criminal or Legal Consequences

On top of all these, you could also get hit with criminal charges due to your posts. You should never use the internet to threaten people or solicit illegal activities. If you gossip about others or your company, you could get hit with a civil lawsuit, too.

Your Digital Reputation Matters

Whether for your career or personal relationships, your digital reputation matters. Don’t fall victim to cancel culture or risk your real-life relationships. Instead, reign in your online behavior to reflect the you that you want the world to see.

Are you wondering how to manage your online reputation? If so, then you’re in the right place. Browse through our free resources to learn how to get the reputation results you deserve.