How to Create a Strong Brand Awareness Strategy

brand awareness strategy

Looking to craft an effective brand awareness strategy but don’t know where to begin? We’ve got your back!

To begin with, competition for customers is fierce in virtually all markets. You have to deliver excellent customer service, run efficiently with little profit loss, and incorporate a winning branding strategy to stand out.

Brand awareness is how familiar casual consumers are with your company’s image and products–in other words, your brand. For example, you only need to see the word “Disney” with a pair of mouse ears to imagine the magic of childhood.

To establish brand awareness among your target audiences, you need a strategy that hits them from all angles. Here are some effective steps you can take to develop a strong brand awareness strategy.

Be Present on Social Media

Having a strong presence on social media is all-important for reaching potential customers.

In fact, 80% of marketers acknowledge that social media leads to increased site traffic.

Being present on social media entails periodically updating your company’s social media accounts. It also entails ensuring that the accounts reflect the company’s current brand and direction. (For example, you don’t want your company’s accounts to showcase its old logo from five years ago!)

Interact on Social Media

One sure-fire way to win brand awareness is interacting with customers on social media. Customers love companies that care about them and not just their money. Receiving a friendly message from your company indicates to a customer that you acknowledge their presence and what they have to say.

Optimize Your Website

SEO is a digital strategy that virtually all serious companies incorporate on their websites. It entails using select keywords a certain amount of times to increase the site’s search engine ranking. The higher your site’s ranking, the higher your return on investment.

This strategy applies not just to the website’s text, but all elements of the website. Include your keywords in your site’s headers, meta descriptions, and images’ alternative text.

Sponsor Events

Many community events are sponsored by local companies.

It’s customary that event hosts thank their sponsors and then list them during the event. So if you help sponsor an event, most likely you’ll receive a public acknowledgment in front of a crowd of potential customers.

Not only that, sponsoring events improves your company’s image. When your company sponsors the local theater’s productions or a marathon to raise awareness of a disease, for instance, your company is saying it cares. You care about your customers as much as you care about your community.

Host Competitions

Everyone loves free things. Hosting a competition and giving away a demo of your latest product to the winner is an effective way to get potential customers interested in your brand.

Competitions can be held in a number of ways. You can host one in-person, via email submissions or social media. Displaying everyone’s entries with a short, nice comment is icing on the cake.

Need a Review of Your Brand Awareness Strategy?

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