How to Build a Company Reputation

company reputation

Having a good company reputation with consumers is one of the primary driving factors that will determine whether or not customers will buy from you.

When businesses destroy their reputations, the costs can be brutal and take years or even decades to recover from. Companies like Exxon, BP, and United Airlines are still reeling from PR disasters.

Building and maintaining a good company reputation takes time and skill. By following these rules, you’ll be well on your way to solidifying your company in the market.

Treat Your Employees Well

Companies that go above and beyond for their employees reap enormous benefits.

First, their employees will be happy at work which translates into excellent customer service.

Excellent customer service then translates into positive customer experience, which in many instances can turn into positive online reviews which will bolster your company’s reputation.

Second, employees who love their jobs and believe they are treated well will become brand ambassadors for you. Just like the customers who they do a great job of serving, your employees will tell others about their positive experiences.

Be Unique

Too many companies take themselves too seriously. Instead of improving their company reputation, this actually hurts them.

Companies like Apple, Ikea, and Vans have cult-like followings because of their unique business approaches. Think of who you want to attract and incorporate that into your advertising and business model.

Cater your content to a niche market. Too many small businesses try to throw out a broad net in an attempt to bring in as many customers as possible. While the idea sounds good on paper, it’s actually counter-intuitive.

By thinking small instead of big, you will establish a small but incredibly loyal (and vocal) following who will champion your cause.

Master Social Media

In today’s day and age, social media is integral to a brand’s success. Not being active on social media will paint your company as curmudgeonly and out of touch.

To master social media, you will want to know what platforms your target audience uses the most and then put together an appropriate digital marketing strategy around it.

Companies like Wendy’s have become famous for their hilarious social media antics and, as a result, have a reach of 2.5 million followers on Twitter.

By using social media, you can engage in real time with your customers and build a community around your product or services. For a more comprehensive guide on social media, check out our article which covers this subject more thoroughly.

Hire Experts on Company Reputation

Building and maintaining a strong reputation is difficult, especially for business owners who are unfamiliar or too busy to focus on it. It takes time, strategy, and lots of experience to get it right.

There is more competition and possibilities than ever, which can be overwhelming. By hiring a consultant or an in-house reputation manager, you can take the burden of worrying about your reputation off of your shoulders and focus on your product and vision for the future of your company.


Company reputation is a double-edged sword and you definitely want to be on the right side of that blade. At Reputation Results, we can help you discover your niche and boost your reputation for as low as $99 a month!

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