Wondering What the Best Way to Store Digital Photos Is? Find out Here

best way to store digital photos

Approximately one trillion digital photographs were taken last year.

Digital photos are quickly replacing traditional family photo albums as a way to capture our most precious family moments.

Keeping photos safe used to be a lot easier. All you had to worry about was protecting the photo album from wear and tear. With proper care, your album could survive generation after generation.

Today, we still have to protect our photos, but in a different way. You have to know the best way to store digital photos – or you could lose your precious keepsakes forever.

Did you know that certain storage formats will become obsolete? A good example of this is the floppy disk.

What if all of your photos were stored on a floppy disk? A few years from now on, it will become impossible to find a machine to read this format.

When you store digital photos, the technology might seem new to you now. However, over time, certain storage techniques will become just as outdated as the floppy disk.

Safe and easy data storage can protect your photos from being deleted or lost. Take a moment to learn about what your digital storage options are.

Types of Digital Media Storage

Cloud, optical, and magnetic are the three main ways to store your digital photos.

A lot of photographers will use more than one storage option. If you have everything in one place and something goes wrong, you’ll be devastated. Instead, diversify your storage options by combining all three methods.

With the three main storage options in mind, you can choose a primary one. Your primary storage option should be one that’s convenient for your storage needs. If you take thousands of photos weekly, you’ll need the cloud to be your primary choice.

Keep in mind that technology is constantly changing.

For example, marketing used to be done through ads in newspapers. Nowadays, companies are using new marketing techniques like geofencing. Old marketing strategies will quickly fade away – and so will companies that don’t catch up.

With new ways of storage being created, you’ll have to be flexible to keep up. Be prepared to change your primary storage method.

The most important thing is that your photos are readable in the future. You want to be able to enjoy your photos years down the road.

Make sure you know what formats are being cycled out. If a technology becomes outdated, don’t hesitate to make the switch.

Optical as Backup for Digital Photos Storage

Optical digital photos options include CDs.

CDs are a great backup option for digital media storage. Many photographers only use these devices as a backup storage option for safety reasons. Remember, if there’s a fire or natural disaster, you could lose your CD forever.

A CD can hold a little over a hundred high-resolution photos. Individuals who only want to save a couple hundred special photos might also prefer this option.

However, if you need a lot of storage, or you take photos daily, this isn’t the best way to store digital photos. You’ll have to spend time writing the CDs and organizing them. The entire process will quickly become a headache.

Purchase CDs that are read-only. These disks are often referred to as R discs.

The alternative option is rewritable disks, also referred to as RW discs. These have been proven to last longer than RW disks.

Read-only disks also cost less and minimize risk. Plus, you’ll only have to burn photographs onto them once. It’s no need to worry about writing over the wrong disk or erasing important photos.

Magnetic Storage for Digital Photos

Portable external hard drives are a more updated storage method.

Magnetic storage options refer to any type of hard drive your data is stored on. Traditionally, computers were the only hard drive, but now you can use an external hard drive.

An external portable hard drive can hold a lot more data than a readable disc. The high storage capacity makes this option appealing to professional photographers who take thousands of photos weekly.

You still have to be wary of losing your work due to a major mishap. If you lose the hard drive or it becomes destroyed, your work will be lost forever. This is why cloud storage needs to be a part of your backup plan.

Cloud Is the Best Way to Store Digital Photos

Storing data with a cloud platform is the safest way to store digital photos.

When you store data on a cloud platform, it’s similar to having photos saved on your social media. Your photos will be instantly stored on the cloud platform. Cloud storage is ideal for long-term data storage.

When data is stored for a long time, it’s referred to as being archived. Cloud platforms work great for archived data. They offer high storage capabilities with convenient upload processes.

Oftentimes, we have photos we want to save, but don’t need to access them frequently. These photos can be safely tucked away on your cloud. When you’re ready to see them, you can easily retrieve them with a simple search.

This storage option eliminates the dangers other options still carry. Your photos won’t be lost or left vulnerable to physical damage.

Digital pictures can be accidentally deleted from physical storage options like optical or magnetic. When your photos are on the cloud, the chance of accidental deletion is greatly reduced.

Find out more about how a reputable cloud platform can help you safely store your digital photos.

Safely Store Your Photos for a Lifetime

The cloud is hands down the best way to store digital photos. You won’t have to worry about misplacing or losing them.

Protecting your photos is as important as protecting your reputation. Take a moment to check out these stories about how you can promote and protect your brand online!