Video Production for Corporations: 10 Eye-Opening Benefits

Video Production for Corporations

Video production for corporations can benefit your business in more ways than one.

We’re living through an era where video is the most consumed and most enjoyed type of content online. People binge-watch Netflix and watch staggering amounts of videos on their phones every day.

The question is: how can you take people’s love of videos and use that as part of a marketing campaign? What can video offer you that other marketing materials cannot?

In this article, we’ll break down 10 eye-opening benefits of using video for your corporation or corporate event.

1. Video Is the Future

The number of people who watch videos online is truly staggering. Today, about 50 percent of people watch at least 5 videos per day. That may seem like a lot, but experts also predict that by 2022, 82 percent of the content online will consist solely of video.

Video is easy to consume in both mobile and desktop form. Throw in things like subtitles and other accessibility tools, and pretty much anyone can learn about your business just by staring at their phone.

2. Impressive Marketing Materials

Creating a highlight reel for your business makes you memorable. It’s easy to put together information and put it on paper for employees or potential clients to read. But a well-done video is one of a kind and hard for your competitors to replicate.

Today, people shy away from working with companies that don’t appear ready for the shifting digital landscape. Those who refuse to adapt to newer methods for marketing could soon struggle to find clients or even retain their old ones.

Check out this resource here to learn the benefits of creating a highlight reel that will motivate your employees. 

3. Videos Rank on YouTube

It comes as no surprise that Google is the number one search engine in the world. But you might be surprised by number two.

No, it isn’t Bing. It’s not Yahoo, either. Believe it or not, it’s YouTube—even though we don’t typically think of it as a search engine.

YouTube receives over a billion logged users per month. Simply put, having a video marketing campaign on that platform makes a lot of sense. 

4. Better Search Engine Rankings

Videos help your company rank higher on other search engines, too.

Go ahead and test it for yourself. Type something normal into Google. You will most likely find a handful of relevant videos at the top of the page.

Google knows that many users like to consume information in video format. It’s their job to provide searchers with what they’re looking for. So if you want to rank higher both locally and across the internet, video production for corporations makes a lot of sense.

5. Assets for Social Media

It’s a simple fact today that many potential consumers use your social media to determine whether they want to give you business or not. 

People are also more likely to buy from people they already follow on social media. Whether you enjoy this trend or not, being active on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter matter.

Videos work on all these platforms. In some cases, such as with Facebook, a video longer than 3 minutes will be pushed out to far more people.

6. High ROI

Making a video of happy employees for your corporate event has a high return on investment. Sure, it’s going to cost a bit of money to get the job done professionally. But unlike other forms of paid advertising or marketing, you pay once and you have it forever.

Today, even low-cost digital marketing and video agencies can offer amazing video and editing quality for a fraction of the price. Cameras and video software have never been cheaper, and those savings pass onto you.

7. Customer Education

Today, people want to feel connected to the institutions they buy from and work for. And there’s no better way to tell your customers and potential employees what you’re all about.

Well-done videos elicit emotions from consumers. You can really put life to the strengths of your company or give people compelling reasons for why they should buy or work from you in video format. Paper and text don’t stand a chance.

8. Chance for Personal Connections

Videos also have a natural way of becoming personal for people. They see how you do something and connect it to something in their life. It’s an amazing tool for bringing people together and sharing your message with the world.

The internet is like a 24/7 business card that anyone can reach. You have no idea who might be impacted by your video and on what corner of the globe.

9. Higher Conversion Rates

Product videos have been shown to increase conversion rates. Many of the reasons why have already been listed—but it’s good to reiterate the fact that you’re investing your time wisely by creating this sort of content.

Humans love stories and videos do a great job of naturally reeling people in. It’s no surprise that you’ll likely bring more customers in as a result.

10. Fast Turnaround Time

Today, digital marketing agencies have access to tools you could once only dream of. It might seem like a video project would take months to get complete. But the truth is that you can probably get one done for a reasonable price in just a few weeks.

There’s more competition now than ever before. Most major cities have dozens of digital media agencies. Shopping around to find a price that works for your budget has never been easier.

Video Production for Corporations

As you can see, there are many reasons that video production for corporations is a great investment. 

Adjusting to trends on social media and search engines, getting a high return on your initial purchase, and being able to connect more deeply with an audience are all awesome benefits you stand to gain.

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