How to Find Marketers to Handle Small-Town Local Store Marketing

Small-Town Local Store Marketing

If you own a local store, you may not think professional and high-quality marketing teams are available to you. Aren’t these elite people already at big corporations?

No! By knowing your target audience and conducting a talent search, you can create an impressive marketing team.

Bigger companies are able to employ more people to cover a wider variety of roles, but you have a unique advantage as a local establishment. Your market is already there, you just need to get them to engage. This guide will rundown local store marketing tactics so that you can get the furthest reach possible.

Read on!

1. Identify Your Message and Audience

Before we begin talking about a marketing plan, you have to determine who you’re trying to reach. Marketing isn’t used to its full potential if you cast too wide of a consumer net.

What does your target audience primarily buy? Do they look at your online website frequently? Would they be interested in in-person events at your store?

Zeroing in on a desired demographic will make your message clear. You can conduct polls to gather this information or follow your gut feeling. After all, you know the locals best.

2. Network Locally

Before navigating the waters of freelance hiring websites, see if any friends and/or customers know anyone willing to work for you. The benefits of hiring someone from the area include knowing your demographic and the needs and wants of the people coming into your store.

If you can’t find enough talent in your area, you can start looking for qualified candidates by reaching out to the authors of your favorite blogs. Chances are that they’re freelancers open to work!

3. Go Online!

All local store marketing plans should include social media management and SEO integration. Hire writers who know how to manage a website and media pages. A functional website and catered design will show people your store is up-to-date, transparent, and easy to access.

Many professional services can take care of driving up your online engagement. For example, this link takes you to a marketing service for dental practices that need help bolstering their online engagement.

The benefit of choosing an external marketing team is that they have access to exclusive insights regarding your industry and are in a better position to implement effective strategies for you.

4. Create Engagement

Use insights gathered by your marketing team to incentivize people to shop at your store. Local store marketing examples include hosting an open mic night to drive up sales, funding local kids’ sports teams and getting your logo printed on the jerseys, and volunteering for a local food shelter.

Because you’re in touch with the community, it makes sense for you to get involved with local organizations that need your help. Spread the word by using your online media channels. You can host an online contest for customers that have a money incentive, create fun sidewalk chalkboards, and rent out a booth at a local event.

Local Store Marketing Is Easy With a Great Team

We hope this guide helped you understand how to hire talent to bolster your local store marketing efforts. It’s important to implement inventive marketing tactics based on your brand image and products. With a great team and a passion for building your business, you’ll see results in no time.

Be sure to check out our other blog entries if you’re curious about how to build your brand. The online marketing scene is constantly evolving, so stay on top of trends with us!