6 Tips for Startups on Building Strategies for Social Media

Social Media Strategies

If building strategies for social media were easy, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Fortunately, you are.

You see, normally, all startups make some very common mistakes when forming their social media strategies. This takes a lot of time spent in trial and error.

But, since you’re here, we’re going to help you avoid common mistakes. Furthermore, we’ll teach you what you can do to get this difficult job done right the first time.

Ready to learn more? Then read these pro tips on how to build a successful social media strategy.

1. Know Your Audience

This may sound stupidly obvious, but bear with us. Surely, you’ve been marketing for long enough already to know a thing or two about your target audience. 

What you need to know now is which social media platform is best for getting through to them. If you can, obtain some metrics on which social media platforms they already use.

Otherwise, learn about the different platforms and their typical target audience. Get some metrics on which demographics are using each platform. Then, prepare to build strategies for the platforms that appeal most to your type of audience.

2. Know the Audience of Your Chosen Social Media Platforms

Next, learn more about how the most relevant platforms appeal to your audience. Look at similar companies who have been successful on these platforms to see what they did. 

Also, look at the usage habits of those who use these platforms (like your target audience). Find out the type of content they hope to see and give it to them.

3. Research Platform-Specific Marketing Tips

As you can see, this guide is very general. But, once you know which platforms to start with, you can do some more platform-specific research. For example, here’s an article where you can learn more about how to advertise on Spotify.

4. Never, Ever Guess

With our modern technology, there’s no longer any reason to guess. One way or another, every aspect of digital marketing can be tracked.

Use top-rated social media marketing apps like Hootsuite to help you measure exactly how your efforts are performing. Alter your strategies according to these measurable metrics.

5. Use Specific, Measurable Goals

Measurable metrics don’t matter without measurable goals. Why are you building social media strategies, anyway? What do you want this to achieve?

Whatever your hopes are for these campaigns, make sure they pertain to the measurable metrics you have access to. That way, you leave nothing to chance.

6. Never Stay the Same

Lastly, remember that nothing stays the same forever. Social media platforms and their audiences are very different today than they were 5 years ago.

So, when tweaking your strategies to improve them, keep this perspective in mind. When it comes to social media marketing, don’t ever expect that you’ll “get it right.” A strategy that works today will not work forever.

Instead, expect that you’ll always have to keep changing and improving your strategies as time goes on.

Follow These Tips When Building Strategies For Social Media

Building strategies for social media is complex and time-consuming. So don’t let your time and effort go to waste. Use these pro tips to avoid common pitfalls and set yourself up for social media success.

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