5 Best Ways to Combine Social Media with SEO for Startups

Social Media with SEO

For a long time people wanted to know if posting on social media informed SEO rankings. And Google gave us a few conflicting answers. Now they’ve clarified to let us know that it’s not one of their main factors, but it still plays a role. 

This means that when you’re creating content, you need to think about social media with SEO in mind. Don’t know how to do that? We’ve got tips below. 

1. Focus on Organic Reach

We know you’re probably tired of the term “organic” when it comes to marketing. It’s what we all want, but it’s the hardest type of exposure to get. Right now, that’s just how the algorithm cookie crumbles. And yes – organic reach is essential for using your social media with SEO, too. 

2. Use Quora

Do you really want that organic traffic? Quality content is content that people are actively searching for – and you can find out what that is by using sites like Quora. It’s a platform where people ask questions and post their answers. You can think of it like the old school search engine Ask Jeeves or an updated Yahoo Answers. 

Not only will you be able to learn what your customers are curious about here, but you’ll get an idea of what keywords to target without paying for any analytics service. There are questions on there from all niches, from things like “what’s the best semiconductor equipment auction” to “what kind of blender is best for making cookies?” Even the most specific businesses can use this tip. 

You could even post answers to questions as a company – though they’d need to answer the question and not just use it as a chance to make a sales pitch. 

3. Focus on Quality 

When you create something for social media, you should create it with one goal: to make it as shareable as possible. If that means you post three times a week instead of four so you can focus on the quality over the quantity, then fine. That’s what needs to be done. As you start figuring out what your audience likes, creating content will take less time and you’ll be able to up your number of posts. 

Your social media with SEO should focus on quality over quantity – just like all your other SEO methods! 

4. Find Your Platform 

Different demographics are on different platforms. If you’re marketing to millennials, your best bets are Instagram and Reddit. If you’re looking for the younger crowd, TikTok and Snapchat will be a better fit. Facebook is losing popularity with the younger crowds, so post there if you’re looking to target people over 35. 

Posting where your audience saves money, gives you a higher ROI, and, as they say on TikTok it, “just makes sense”. 

5. Use Your Analytics 

Every social media platform gives you some version of analytics – so use them! That way you can tell what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to content. Depending on the platform, it can also tell you which ads were “swiped up” or clicked on, so you know what to focus on more in the future. 

If you need help reading those analytics, browse our blog for answers. 

Social Media With SEO Considerations 

If you follow these tips your social media will inform your SEO ranking. It’s not one and done – so make sure you’re focusing on your other SEO strategies just as much. And don’t forget that you can always double dip – use your blog post you just wrote with your new keywords as a “swipe up” option on Instagram, or post a quote. 

When it comes to social media with SEO, you can be as creative as you want!