Chatbot Marketing Strategies That’ll Take Your Business to the Next Level

Person Using Chatbot for Marketing

It’s no secret that technology is constantly revamping the way that we do business and the way that we market our companies. In the world of digital marketing, it seems as if there are new technologies every day to implement and test to gain a competitive advantage.

One recent trend that’s been making headlines in the technology space is the use of artificial intelligence in marketing. Nowhere is this more clear than with chatbot marketing.

A chatbot can serve to significantly improve your website’s engagement without directing personnel resources away from your other important tasks at hand. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few different chatbot marketing strategies that you can start implementing today.

Research Your Most Common FAQ

The first thing to do when building your chatbot’s marketing strategy is to research the most commonly asked questions when folks get on your website. That way, you can ensure that when you use a messenger bot, you are able to program the answers to these commonly asked questions.

This accomplishes two things. One, it cuts down on the number of basic customer service questions that your team has to handle. Second, it puts the visitor into the buying process far quicker. This is because there is such a low barrier for them to get the information about your product or service that they are looking for. This translates into higher profits for you.

Redirect to Humans Quickly

One of the most important things to keep in mind with marketing bots is to know the extent of their capabilities. At the end of the day, the bot is only supposed to be a gateway that ensures that interested leads are qualified and are able to get access to quick information that they need. Their next goal should be to transfer that lead to your sales team so that they can get started closing it as quickly possible.

Build the chatbot messenger in a way that makes that transition as smooth as possible. 

Track Bot Metrics

With any marketing strategy that you implement, it is of utmost importance that you leverage metrics to track the campaign’s effectiveness. Otherwise, you will never be able to understand whether or not you’re getting a positive return on your investment.

Thus, you need to track your chatbot’s metrics so that you can figure out whether or not this marketing strategy is effective in your industry. Use UTM codes and special promotional discounts to see if customers are actually converting from the chatbot.

Chatbot Marketing, Made Simple

There you have it. With these easy tips to chatbot marketing, you should now be far better equipped to leverage bot marketing in order to bolster your website’s conversion rate. If you aren’t using a chatbot messenger in your company today, then you need to start doing so if you don’t want to miss out on some serious conversion rate gains!

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