6 Ways to Perform Online Reputation Repair

online reputation repairOnline reputation is everything when it comes to creating a first impression. For instance, were you aware that upwards of 75 percent of Human Resources departments search for candidates online before hiring them?

So imagine the online research that people conduct on businesses.

With this in mind, you need to learn all about online reputation repair, so that anyone who searches for you sees positivity.

Protect your brand by considering the following six tips.

#1: Putting Out Your Own Positive Content Is Its Own Online Reputation Repair

Controlling the narrative and getting out in front of the story are public relations staples.

The same is true when it comes to online reputation repair.

Flood the web with quality, valuable, actionable content. The more you put out, the more people will resonate with you and drown out the naysayers.

Investing in some video equipment and putting out free vlog content is one of the best steps that you can take. Hiring a professional videographer can cost you between $25 per hour and $250 per hour, so make sure that you do your homework.

#2: Hire A Reputation Management Company

When you need the highest quality results, leave that work in the hands of a reputation management company.

These professionals will stick with you on a regular basis and use some professional skill to get a handle on your reputation. This way, your SEO will stay strong and you’ll see better ROI altogether.

#3: Get Your Customers To Leave Reviews

Rallying your customer base is a valuable way to control your reputation.

Reviews are as good as gold, so ask your customers to leave you some 5-stars to get your reputation up to par.

However, always provide value, rather than simply asking for reviews. For instance, a real estate company can give their customers access to a free house mortgage calculator in exchange for leaving a review.

#4: Dispute Bogus Claims And Reviews

Reach out to an online reputation repair company in order to get a reputation audit.

Getting this audit will point you toward negative reviews, some of which can be totally bogus. Best of all, these reputation audits are usually free.

Once you find some bogus reviews, you can reach out to the hosting companies to dispute them. Most will be happy to hear your claim, and it’s well worth the effort.

#5: Legitimately Fix Your Problems

The best thing you can do to protect your online reputation is to conduct great business.

Always have a customer first mindset. For instance, if a customer has a legitimate issue, go above and beyond to fix it for them, rather than just focusing on the money.

Handling these issues will give you longevity and will be worth going the extra mile.

#6: Claim Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is where everyone on the web congregates. Because of this, you need to carve out your claim and create accounts on every platform.

Not only is this great for marketing, it allows you to prevent others from running your reputation into the ground across social media.

When you have time, check out our site for a free reputation audit and then we can help you from there.