Essential Online Reputation Management Tools That Help You Monitor, Audit & More!

online reputation management tools

Having a popular online presence is great for your brand. As you’re basking in the success of your newfound popularity, trouble could be brewing in the background.

Too often businesses focus on the positive attention they are receiving, and neglect to check what negative things people attribute to their business. Now is the time to take notice and incorporate Online Reputation Management tools (ORM).

Monitoring your reputation locates negative comments and reviews as they occur. You can use the information to build a strategy to help change the perception others may have about you.

Continue reading for essential ORM tools that can help you monitor what others are saying about your brand.

Have Internal Online Reputation Management Tools

The best source of monitoring your online reputation comes from your business website. Most companies have a section on their site for testimonials and reviews.

A lot of potentials customers will come to your website or social media channels to see what people are saying about your brand. Monitor these places to see what people are saying. Respond, don’t react, to unfavorable comments by offering assistance to change their perspective of your product or service.

On your website, you have the power to delete false or slanderous comments.

Google Alerts is a Simple Free OPM Tool

With Google Alerts you receive daily or weekly notifications showing results that include your search criteria. Results are sent directly to your inbox.

Alerts come from web pages that can include blogs, news articles or e-commerce sites selling your brand’s products.

Talkwalker Alerts

If you’ve tried Google Alerts and aren’t completely satisfied, Talkwalker may be a good alternative. Not only does it provide notifications from web pages that fit your search criteria, but it also pulls information from Twitter.

Talkwalker promises to weed-out the clutter and focus on delivering content that is pertinent to managing your online reputation.

Did Someone Mention Your Brand?

Find out who is mentioning your brand by monitoring your online reputation with Mention. Mention comes with a 3-tier pricing system geared towards your online reputation audit needs.

Mention offers real-time information from both websites and social platforms. Their services also include analytical data.

Their data compilations come from over 1 billion sources. With this much information, you should have no doubt about what people think about your brand.

Does Your Business Rely on Reviews?

Protecting your online reputation means taking reviews seriously. ReviewPush is an ORM tool that gathers reviews about your brand and delivers them to you.

Once you know what people are saying about you on review sites, you will have the option to respond. The tool also offers a dashboard with insights data, plus more.

Review Push offers a 21-day free trial.

Are You Ready to Put Your Reputation to the Test?

Understanding the importance of online reputation management tools will help you stay ahead of the game. With these suggestions, you are well on your way to finding the one that works best for your brand.

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