The 6 Positive Effects of Social Media and Ways to Positively Use Apps

Positive Effects of Social Media

The world often talks about the negative effects of social media, but rarely talk about the positive effects of social media. It helps us connect with others and creates an interconnected world. By filling your feed with positivity, you can start to see the good in the world.

Here are six positive effects of social media and why completely getting rid of it may not be the best idea.

1. Interconnected

Social media platforms are typically global, allowing you to connect with individuals all over the world. If you live in a small town where no one has the same interests as you, you can find a group that consists of people all over the world that are like-minded.

It also allows you to stay in touch with those that you have grown close to, but are no longer close in terms of distance. For those that have friends that are states away, you can still find out all the important events that are happening, just by opening an app or browser.

For those that are in the professional field, social media also provides an outlet to stay connected with other professionals in the field. While not everyone has to know about your personal life, they can certainly have access to your professional life, as this can lead to jobs and promotions.

2. News Source

News sources branch into both the positive and negative effects of social media. The explore pages and pages you follow are a great way to get the news that you want into your daily life. Rather than waiting around for your favorite cooking news or investing news, you’ll be able to follow the pages that you enjoy.

Keep in mind that not all news is good news. Try to avoid feeds that constantly put out drama and negative news. This can quickly lead to feelings of sadness that would otherwise be unneeded.

When it comes to social media news, be sure to verify their source as well. If this is just hearsay and there is never any truth, then that source shouldn’t be trusted. But if they cite where they got it from and it’s accurate, then you’re good to go.

3. Great Outlet for Creativity

Beyond news and connecting, you can get as creative as you like with social media. Often, creatives find a hard time finding an outlet where their work is appreciated and sought after. Because of the free nature of social media, this is a great place to get exposure and a following.

You’re not limited to the platforms either. If you want to work on videos, as well as painting or digital designs, you can spread yourself as far as you’d like. Learning how to use apps in a positive way starts with finding the app that works best for you.

Because there is no technical limit on how many accounts you can create, if there are multiple creative outlets you want to try on a platform, you can. Once you find the niche though, stick to it. Consistency is an important part of growing a creative brand.

4. People Build Businesses Through Social Media

Beyond creative outlets, you also can build a business with social media. If you have a product, service, or even affiliate network, social media is a great place to build up followers and customers.

Not only does it increase exposure, but it also allows for customer service to be more responsive and public about issues. If a customer comments a question on a post, you can publicly share the answer for anyone else that may have the same question.

Your brand image is an important part of building a business, so this allows your brand to extend past just a website. You can give the company a personality and voice that other outlets just don’t allow for.

Social media is a great way to advertise for “free”. This means that you can post in specific tags or areas that people are interested in, to get impressions and then hopefully get conversions.

For those looking for a social media agency to handle this business portion, be sure to check out the link.

5. Great Way to Learn

Beyond news and connecting, you can find a great way to learn new information. For instance, if you want to learn more about working out. There are plenty of fitness pages that you could look into, whether it be informational posts or videos.

Social media is also a great way to showcase case studies. Case studies are taking a particular person’s experience and what they implemented to achieve said success or failure. Whereas case studies don’t reach high amounts of people on blogs or advertising campaigns, social media gets a great number of impressions.

For those that just enjoy being a jack of all trades, social media is great for learning a quick tip or two.

6. Cleanse the Pallet of Negativity

While you may experience negativity throughout your day without necessarily meaning to, social media is a great way to cleanse the pallet or eyes of everything. You can choose to follow specific heartwarming users that post nothing but happy feelings and images.

You can curate the positivity in your own way. If you’re a fan of animals, you can follow cute animal pages. Or if you enjoy scenic views of mountains and other landscapes, there are plenty of different options available to help deliver you peaceful content.

The Positive Effects of Social Media Don’t Stop There

While these cover the broad ideas of the positive effects of social media, they stretch even further into specific niches for everyone. The goal to eliminate the negative portions of social media is to stay away from the explore page for long periods of time. Stick to the positive portions that make you happy.

If you want to learn more about staying positive on a day to day basis, be sure to check out the rest of our blog. If you know someone that has a struggling relationship with social media, be sure to share this article with them.