7 of the Fastest Growing Social Media Trends to Grow Your Brand

fastest growing social media

Looking to grow your business? Want to take your online presence to the next level? It can be difficult to gain a customer’s attention online.

New algorithms used by social media platforms and web searches can keep your business from getting noticed. What you don’t know CAN hurt your business.

The key is to know the fastest growing social media trends to get your brand to the top. Read on to learn about 7 of the fastest growing social media trends to grow your brand.

#1 Influencer Marketing

Would you like to get $6.50 back from every $1 you invest in social media marketing? You might want to try influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has an extremely high ROI. This is often because a blogger’s followers look to them for pointers and suggestions. This trust works well when creating marketing returns. But what is influencer marketing exactly?

Influencer marketing is the process of recruiting and contracting social media influencers to promote your product. Influencers will create content tailored to your specifications for a set rate of compensation. This compensation may mean free product, an agreed upon rate. Some social media personalities with smaller followings may be willing to work with your brand for product only partnerships. Much of this will depend on how much product you are offering and the versatility of your brand.

Social media influencers care deeply about maintaining authenticity on their feeds. If you have a brand that’s an easy fit within their niche they will be more likely to partner with you.

For instance, a fashion or beauty blogger will be more likely to partner with a clothing brand for a post than an upcoming marathon event. Food bloggers are more likely to partner with a meal delivery service than a baby/infant clothing brand.

Because your product may seem on brand, bloggers will be more likely to take less than they would for a product that won’t resonate with their followers.

#2 Adjusting to New Ad Guidelines

The rise of influencer marketing has made way to new rules and guidelines for sponsored posts. Instagram, for example, now requires that all sponsored posts use a new feature denoting paid content.

Previously, influencers were required by the FTC to denote their brand with hashtags. Influencers could satisfy these requirements by simply adding the hashtag #ad or #sponsored’ in their post.

Facebook-owned Instagram now requires influencers to tag sponsored posts with a special header. This lets their followers know that the post has been paid for and is not an unpaid recommendation from the influencer.

This step is meant to provide more clarity and transparency in social media. Be sure to follow all guidelines for social media promotions to avoid getting your post flagged by the platform.

#3 Data, Analytics & the Facebook Pixel

Facebook analytics are still some of the most valuable information one can possibly use when retargeting customers. These data points will recognize any recent trend that may be present in your brand’s history. They can also look for more examples of trends in the data. This could mean median income, interests, and level of education.

Using the data mined from the Facebook Pixel can also be helpful in getting your most interested audience to pull the trigger on a purchase. This is a process known as re-targeting.

You can use the info your Pixel collects from customers to determine who is most likely to make a purchase.

This can tool can be tailored to show your add to people who have recently visited your website or have added an item to their cart but have not made a purchase. Showing ads to people who may have been close to making a purchase can help you get your ads seen by your most relevant audience.

#4 SEO

This recent trend has it all. SEO is sure to be one of the new trends with staying power. SEO optimizes your website to rank higher in a search engine response. SEO does this by making your website appear to be an authority on search-friendly keywords.

Search engines rank websites based on how much content they have on a given search topic. The more topic you host via SEO blogging and content, the higher your page is likely to rank!

SEO is one of the easiest ways to promote your website. Adding a blog is easy and is sure to make your website easier to find for your customers. Need help? Brad Russell can help your small business.

#5 New Platforms

Another one of the fastest growing social media trends is new platforms for content. We’ve seen social media platforms come and go in recent years. (Remember Vine? Periscope?) Some social media trends have come and gone or have been absorbed as new features of an already established social media giant.

We can see examples of this in the media landscape with the addition of ‘stories’ to Instagram and Facebook. Stories were previously associated with Snapchat.

#6 Bots & Automation

Another one of the fastest growing social media trends is automation. Using automation is easier than ever. If you use certain internet browsers, you may be able to use automated extensions to like and engage with relevant accounts.

This helps grow your social media influence by getting your account in the activity feed of potential customers. You can tailor your bot’s settings to like posts tagged with hashtags relevant to your target demographic.

#7 Fastest Growing Social Media Trends: The New Frontier

The most important thing to remember when planning your social media is that the social media landscape is constantly changing. For more on the biggest trends of 2018, online reputation defense, and the fastest growing social media trends, check out our blog.