A 3-Step Guide to Understanding Your Audience

Understanding Your Audience

According to experts, each dollar spent on marketing should deliver a 5X return

If your marketing returns are nowhere near that number, it might be because you don’t understand your audience. After all, if you don’t know who your audience is, you won’t be able to create marketing campaigns that’ll engage them. 

Below you’ll discover how you can do a better job in regards to understanding your audience. If you currently don’t know much about your audience, these tips will help you figure out who your audience really is. 

Let’s begin!

1. Define Your Target Audience

Before you can understand your audience, you first need to define your audience. 

The best way to do this is by creating something known as a ‘customer persona.’ 

This is a document that highlights the demographic and behavioral traits of your audience. When creating a customer persona for your target audience, here are some of the things you might want to touch on: 

  • Their age
  • Where they live
  • What job they have
  • Their goals and fears

Note that in the list above, there’s a section associated with your audience’s goals and fears. Ideally, you want to discuss any goals and fears that relate to your business and what it offers. 

For instance, if you sell grass seeds, your audience’s goal might be to have green grass, and their ‘fear’ might be a lawn that has brown patches.

2. Speak to Your Audience

You can also learn a lot about your target audience by talking to them. 

Ideally, you should try to ask questions that aren’t covered by the customer persona. 

So, you might ask them why they decided to buy your products, instead of competitor products. You might also ask them what they’d like to achieve with your products, and if the products could be improved. 

3. Study the Data

You can also understand your audience by studying the data your business has collected. 

Fortunately, with the help of certain marketing tools, this isn’t that hard to do.

For instance, if you upload customer data into the Facebook Audience Insights tool, you can learn a lot about the demographics of your audience. You can also gain some insights when it comes to the interests of your audience. 

Note that if you work with an ad agency such as Media Shark, make sure you give them this data. That’s because this information will allow them to create targeted ad campaigns that’ll deliver a high ROI. 

Understanding Your Audience: Is It Worth the Effort?

As time goes on, your audience will probably change, and so you’ll need to go through these tips at least once a year. If you don’t, you might lose your audience to a competitor. 

If you want to stay in business, the best way to maximize your odds of survival is by understanding your audience. That’s because once you understand your audience, you’ll be able to meet their needs, and this means they’ll come back again and again.

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