Why You Should Definitely Google Yourself

google yourself

Some call it vain, we call it smart. There’s no shame in having a quick look at your online presence when you Google yourself. Whether it’s a business you’re caring for or your own business or personal profile, you need to make sure your online persona is pristine.

The truth is, people can be vengeful. You never know when an ex-employee or vindictive ex-lover is going to try to make a public online move against you. The truth is, people can have a substantial impact on your online presence by simply posting a thing or two.

Your Google results can make all the difference when it comes to people using your business or not. It can make the difference between getting a job or not. That’s why there is absolutely no shame in finding out what is lying underneath your name in the Google-verse.

Here are a few other reasons to check your virtual self out:

You’ll Learn Why Google is Important

It’s time to learn how Google works so you can better represent your business. We expect so much from Google, without knowing how much it really works. There are a few things that can help you out when you google yourself.

First, you’ll learn what else comes up with your name as relevant keywords when someone is googling your business. It will show you all the websites that are relevant to said search.

It will also list websites according to authority. This will show you in order which sites are most respectful, visited, and reliable. So where do you fall?

Google Yourself, Because Your Employer Will

We live in an age (for better or for worse) where everyone is always online for information. Employers are also aware of how active most people are on the internet, which makes it very easy for them to dig and find out personal information.

Many employers will simply search a potential employees name. Consumers will search a business name and read reviews. Google yourself first to make sure there is nothing that needs to be cleaned up professionally.

You Have The Power

Great news everyone: if you see something you don’t like, you can have it removed! You might need to hire a lawyer and do some damage control, but you can have the online presence you desire.

Sure, the internet can be quite a long-lasting bible of reputations, but you can have derogatory or incorrect results removed from what comes up under your business or personal name.


Don’t be afraid to Google yourself and tailor your image. Roll out the red carpet (virtually speaking) for your company or name. Even if you don’t want to hire a lawyer, Google makes it pretty easy to hide information or remove information that you simply don’t want to be seen.

For everything else, hire the professionals to manage your online reputation. If you really want your online presence sparkling like a diamond, then use a company who can watch every step your online persona is making.

Much like a crafted career in Hollywood, a management team can make sure you don’t take the wrong steps and end up in reputation disaster. For help with your online presence, contact us today for a free audit.