At Your Service! 5 Ways to Improve Your Business With Exceptional Customer Service


Customer service is defined as the level of care and support you offer your customers. If you think prioritizing exceptional customer service is a waste of time, think again. Roughly 82 percent of US consumers stopped doing business with a company after a negative customer service experience.

If you’re ready to avoid that kind of damage to your company, then this article is for you. Try these five top tips to improve your business with exceptional customer service.

5 Tips for Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional customer service creates dedicated customers. Dedicated customers will then recommend your business to their family and friends. If you’re ready for this positive referral funnel, out the following tasks into motion today.

1. Create Your Dream Team

Your employees are the face of your company. It’s important to create an atmosphere of respect and competence within your team. When the team is happy, your customers are happy.

A staff that feels anxious or hostile will not provide superior customer services. Conduct training to update your team on new services or products. Encourage staff to depend on each other to solve challenges.

2. Be Approachable

First impressions set the tone for your entire customer service experience. These first impressions can come from an email or visit to your front counter. Your customers want to feel like you care about their problems.

That’s why your staff needs to be friendly and approachable. This includes smiles, handshakes or name badges that show their names and titles.

You can find more about custom name badges here. These badges will help customers feel comfortable knowing who they’re talking to. They’re an easy way to promote friendly customer service.

3. Use Social Media to Engage Customers

Social media is an important tool to interact with customers. Social media channels provide platforms for future or current customers to ask questions or share concerns. You’ll earn their trust because they know you’re available to help them.

Happy customers will leave reviews when they’re pleased with your service. Positive feedback can bring more customers coming your way. Check out this article on ways you can ensure that you get excellent customer service reviews.

4. Listen

Listening is an effective way to build customer relationships. Listening means you hear what your customer said and understand them.

Strong listening skills will help you address the customer’s inquiries quickly. They’ll come to depend on you for your help. This too translates into repeat business for you.

5. Ask For and Respond to Feedback

Your clients will appreciate that you care about their opinions. There are plenty of tools you can use to measure customer satisfaction levels such as questionnaires and surveys.

When you do receive feedback, respond quickly to all comments received. Identify areas needing improvement and execute the necessary changes. Credit the improvement as a “customer’s idea” to show that you value their business.

Next Steps

Evaluate your company’s current levels of exceptional customer service. Ask your friends to visit your company and give you their feedback.

Do your team members seem friendly and knowledgeable? Did they distribute customer satisfaction surveys? Did you invite someone to post a comment about their experience on social media?

Once you have this feedback, you can make the necessary changes as needed. Attention to these details can help you keep loyal customers. They can also help manage your company’s reputation.

Check out our website for more helpful business advice. We know you’re ready to surpass your customer’s expectations. We’re here to help make that happen.