A Complete Online Reputation Management Guide

online reputation management guide

Keeping track of your business’s online reputation is perhaps one of the more challenging aspects of what you do. Few things are simple about making sure that people cozy up to your brand.

For this reason, companies are constantly seeking new strategies to help them manage their online reputation. From simply establishing unique brands to dealing with PR nightmares, there are several strategies available to these companies.

Need access to some of those strategies as well? Take a second to read this brief online reputation management guide.

Establish a Unique Brand

When an entrepreneur starts a new business, he or she knows that his or her brand must be unique. In today’s world, though, that can be even more of a challenge.

We live in the digital age, which means there are more brand names on the net than we can count. To make matters worse, some of those brand names have been claimed on numerous social media platforms. This means you might have a hard time managing your brand’s identity and reputation if your business’s name is too similar to one that already has a solid online presence.

Protecting your brand’s name is also challenging on the web. Losing control over your brand is easy. For example, someone can purchase or set up a domain that’s almost similar to your brand’s name. As a result, you’ll want to purchase any domain you feel copycats or trolls can user to water down your reputation.

Become the Authority

One of the best things you can do for your brand is build up your authority. This is arguably one of the best ways to make your brand stand out.

So how does a business build up its brand’s authority?


As you’ve no doubt heard before, content is king. Producing valuable content communicates that you know what you’re talking about and that you can be of use to customers. That said, try your hand at blogging, making podcasts, or filming YouTube videos.

You should also be attempting to earn organic traffic by way of authoritative backlinks. This is an SEO basic. When credible sites link to your content, your brand becomes more authoritative by association.

Be careful, though. The key phrase here is “authoritative backlinks.” Not just any backlinks will do.

Own Up To Your Mistakes

It’s hard being a business. Sometimes you get blamed for things you didn’t do, and it sucks.

Despite that fact, sometimes you have to own up to your “mistakes,” be they real or fabricated. If you don’t, you run the risk of going through a PR nightmare, and that’s not good for your brand.

Fortunately, owning up to your mistakes isn’t always difficult. It’s often as simple as engaging in conversation with a concerned customer or two. In other words, making your available and helpful can be enough to make people trust your brand.

Need More Than an Online Reputation Management Guide?

As we said before, this online reputation management guide is brief. We know that some of you need more than that, so we’d be happy to take your questions if you’re interested in getting a free reputation audit.

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