How to Get More Clinic Reviews on Google

clinic reviewsPositive reviews are the best free advertising you can get. In fact, 84% of people value an online review as much as a recommendation from a family member or friend.

Online reviews are particularly important to your medical clinic’s success.

People want to make sure they are getting the best care for their families and themselves. Positive clinic reviews help showcase your quality care to potential patients.

Good reviews make your practice appear more credible and reliable. Moreover, positive clinic reviews on Google Reviews carry even more weight.

Continue reading to learn why Google Reviews are so important to your clinic’s reputation.

Why Do Google Reviews Matter?

Great reviews on Google give you more visibility to new patients. Google is the most popular search engine on the internet and accounts for 80% of internet searches.

Higher reviews yield better search rankings and better visibility for your practice.

Also, Google reviews are more credible than other online review sites. You need an account to post on Google Reviews, and this ensures real people wrote them.

Continue reading to figure out how to increase your positive reviews.

Ask for Reviews Immediately

Ask patients to give a clinic review immediately following their appointment. Requests made during the appointment are 80-90% more successful than later requests.

Consider investing in a set of tablets for the office. This way, they can provide feedback before they leave!

Train employees to only ask patients who are in a good mood. And, avoid patients who look like they are in a rush. Unhappy or impatient people are more likely to leave a lower review.

Make Personalized Requests

Many practices have their reception staff solicit reviews as patients are leaving. However, a personalized request from the attending physician is a better approach.

Patients are more likely to complete a review if they feel like their opinion matters. Doctors should ask patients to complete the review as a personal favor to the practice.

Remember, never be pushy. It’s important to maintain a level of professionalism in your patient-doctor relationship. Professionalism is especially important somewhere like a methadone drug test clinic, where patients feel vulnerable.

Use Technology

Reputation management software can help you increase your reviews with minimal effort.

This software makes it easy for patients to provide feedback and reviews. Patients are sent automated emails and text messages with links to your review site.

Now, you can easily monitor your online reputation. Reputation management software compiles all of your online reviews into one dashboard. It can also help you respond to negative reviews before they hurt your reputation.

Get More Clinic Reviews Today

Everyone wants the best medical care, and great online reviews let patients know you can provide it.

Online reviews are one of the most trusted forms of advertisement. Furthermore, reviews are completely free. They also give you an opportunity to connect with your patients and grow from their feedback.

Your online reputation is vital to your clinic’s success. But, it can be overwhelming to manage your online reputation alone. Take a look at our software services today and see your reviews increase!