How to Get Positive Reviews on Major Review Platforms

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With 84 percent of people trusting recommendations made on online review platforms as much as a recommendation from a friend, reviews matter.

But, what do you do when your business has no reviews? For people that have just found your business online, having positive reviews could be the difference between them becoming a customer, or going to a competitor.

Keep reading to find out how you can get positive reviews on reviews on major review platforms.

1. “Check Us Out”

This phrase will save you a LOT of trouble since some of the most popular review sites don’t let you ask people for reviews. They do, however, allow you to tell people to search for you on their website.

Their reasoning is simple: if businesses ask people to review them, they’ll only ask happy customers who will leave positive reviews. Over time, the reviews for that business would become biased.

So, encourage customers to find you on review platforms without actually asking them to leave a review.

2. Link to Reviews

On your website and in any email correspondence, you can include a link to your profile on any of the major review platforms. Most will even provide you with an HTML code you can use to add a review site logo to your emails.

This is a good way to remind people that you are on those review sites without having to ask or even tell them. Simply include a link in your email signature or on your website and you’re good to go!

Whenever possible, follow up with a customer within three days. Simply thanking them for using your services or buying your products is a great way to improve customer relations.

Sending out prompt thank-you emails will also help you get more positive reviews if you include a link in your email. Since their interaction with you is fresh in their mind, they’re more likely to take a moment and review you, especially if they appreciated what you did for them.

3. Post Reviews on Social Media

If you’ve already gotten some positive reviews, then why not post them on social media? Many review websites make it easy to share what others are saying about you, and it’s another way you can use social media to promote your brand.

The idea is that your current customers that are following you will see the review and want to leave their own.

If you tag the customer that left the review, even better! That customer will feel appreciated for being recognized and others will want that same recognition. So, you’ll be promoting a positive image of your brand as well, for being personal.

This is also an opportunity to grow as a business. If there is a negative review that was posted on a review platform, then you can also post this to social media to get feedback. Customers will appreciate your humility and desire to do better.

Need More Ideas for Getting Positive Reviews on Review Platforms?

There’s plenty more you can learn.

Be sure to check out our blog for more ideas on how to brand your business to encourage customers to leave positive feedback on review platforms to help improve your bottom line.