Social Media 101: How to Make Your Betting Business Boom

betting businessWith Facebook closing in on 2 billion users there has never been a better time to get invested in social media. It’s not just a great way to improve your online reputation.

Leveraging social media can significantly help every important metric for your betting business. You can watch increase SEO, decrease bounce rate, boost visitor traffic, and increase revenues with social media.

And social media isn’t limited to Facebook. The recent investment in live video by Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook has created a more robust user experience.

The days of a Myspace page are long gone. Today’s social media users can shop, post reviews, and get targeted ads.

Make social media work for you with these tips:

1. Your Betting Business is Based on Audience

If you aren’t using your analytics to inform any marketing strategy your business is in trouble. The digital world is customer-centric and needs to cater to the unique needs of your audience.

Not all betting business is the same. Do you appeal to corporate professionals or university students? Or some demographic in between?

Make sure you know the audience you appeal to inform your use of social media. You may want to consider LinkedIn as a pathway to a professional network versus Twitter or Instagram.

2. Lead With Mobile

Most social media traffic is now generated by mobile users. It’s important to design your social media strategy around this type of user.

Your content will be more accessible and more optimized if you are aware of the user type.

3. Leverage Video

Live video and other types of video content are great ways to make use of social media. Content is always king and video is the preferred type of content for social media users.

4. A Call To Action

Are you looking for reviews? Are you hoping users share content?

Whatever your goal for an individual post make sure there is some sort of call to action.

You may want to design betting tips with an invitation to click here for more information. In any case, make sure you are leading your visitor traffic to the next action.

5. Mitigate Issues Quickly

Digital transformation and the digital marketplace give businesses rapid access to customers. The only downfall to the speed of connection is when things go south.

The smallest instance of customer dissatisfaction can snowball. In these cases, social media can be a blessing and a curse.

All that time you have invested in a social media strategy can be destroyed without a proactive approach. That proactive approach should include monitoring reputation issues and mitigating them as soon as possible.

Get the Help You Need

Responding to customer complaints and addressing service issues can actually turn problems into opportunity. You can showcase your skills for resolving problems and helping clients.

Make the most of your social media strategy by including reputation monitoring services. You can’t afford to wait until it is too late to help your customers.

Use Reputation Mart to manage your reputation services. Come find out more about how our reputation services can augment your social media strategy today.