The Strongest Digital Marketing Tactics of 2019


74% of customers hate generic digital marketing content. Yet, that’s what most businesses are putting out.

The same marketing techniques that worked five or even just three years ago don’t work today. You have to work harder to stand out to consumers, but thankfully there are programs for that.

Learn how you should change your marketing tactics and automation strategies below.

1. Invest in Artificial Intelligence Programs

Knowing your customers is step one in marketing. It’s on almost every how to make your (marketing term) better list.

And AI technology can help you do that. You can’ ask Alexa what your customers’ buying history is, but you can invest in that kind of software.

This AI software is almost psychic level good at making recommendations for products.

2. Chatbots

Your site should have a chatbot – there’s pretty much no excuse at this point. They started coming to fruition in 2017 and marketers are now perfecting the art.

Chatbots are one sneaky way to work with AI. Yes, the client will eventually figure out your chatbot is a robot – but not everyone will.

This will make them feel like you’re truly invested in answering their questions and providing their value.

If you have the personnel and the budget for it – employ a real person to man the chatbot during business hours. You can turn on your AI bot when that person goes home.

The statistics on chatbots are staggering. 66% of millennials and 58% of baby boomers like getting their questions immediately answered.

3. Personalized Email Marketing

If you haven’t noticed, email marketing isn’t as impactful or successful as it used to be. That’s because our inboxes are so flooded – the average person spends 1,000 hours a year reading emails.

So how do you get someone to open your email instead of scrolling past? You have to use personalized subjects and offers.

Someone who’s never clicked on one part of your website probably doesn’t care that you’re having a sale on those products. They want to know when what they buy is discounted.

Make sure you’re sending emails that are based on data – not just what your marketing team came up with that week.

Is all that effort worth it? Consumers spend 48% more when you take the time to personalize. Make sure you work with a Digital Marketing Agency on this strategy. 

How will you take the time to make all those personalized emails, though? You won’t – you’ll automate it with software and (you guessed it, AI technology).

4. Videos

We shouldn’t have to tell you that marketing is headed towards video, on what seems like an 80mph track.

Start putting your resources into developing your video marketing, ASAP.

Slaying Your Marketing Tactics

If you follow these trends and you really commit to them, you should see your page visits and your sales increase. People know most of the old technology tricks now, so they want you to work harder for their attention.

Using personalization and AI marketing tactics can help with that.

Know what else can help you slay your marketing? Great online reviews. Get an audit of your reputation for free, here