What Are the Best Types of Social Media Jobs?

Social Media Jobs

It’s no secret that social media has quickly become one of the most popular forms of communication on the planet.

In fact, with billions of users located around the world, the most popular social media platforms reach more people daily than any other type of communication tool ever created.

Due to this incredible level of popularity, there is a huge need for qualified jobs candidates in the social media industry. This article takes a look at some of the best types of social media jobs that are in demand.

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Social Media Manager

This is a great career that increases in demand each year. That’s because businesses of every size need help with their social media accounts.

A social media manager is responsible for posting a company’s content across various social networks and monitoring its activity. This can include being on staff at a large social media management company or working as an independent contractor.

You can expect to make around $53,000 starting out.

Director of Social Media

This is a high-level position that is responsible for developing strategy. You will be responsible for developing a marketing strategy. In addition, you will oversee a staff of people who will then create and post content for their clients.

Director of social media is a position that typically starts in the range of $70,000.

Engagement Coordinator

An engagement coordinator is a position that’s responsible for managing a company’s social media messaging. You would also play a key role in establishing the overall guidelines for online behavior.

This is also a position that specializes in engagement with the public and understands how to best encourage users to engage as desired, including retweeting specific posts and content.

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Content Strategist

A content strategist is a position that specializes in helping clients strengthen their brand online.

Typically, content strategists have a background in journalism or marketing, thus they have strong writing and communication skills. It’s also helpful to have experience with SEO and analytics.

This is a position with a starting salary of around $61,000.

Marketing Manager

The job of a marketing manager in social media is a bit different than in traditional marketing. That’s because social media marketing focuses more on reaching clients through website advertising and placing ads on social media platforms.

A typical marketing manager position requires a bachelor degree and has a starting salary of $70,000

Graphic Designer

Believe it or not, social media company’s rely on talented graphic designers for creating quality content and marketing materials.

That’s because it’s crucial for social media feeds to look as clean and professional as possible.

A social media graphic designer needs extensive knowledge of Photoshop and other editing software and a degree in graphic design.

This position starts at around $23 an hour.

A Job Hunter’s Guide to the Best Types of Social Media Jobs

Looking for a new career can be exciting yet stressful. Fortunately, this list of the best types of social media jobs will help you find the right career to match your skillset.

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