YouTube 101: Improve Your Visibility with 10 Useful Video Tips


Did you know YouTube has over 1.8 billion users each month? If you want to learn how to improve your YouTube visibility, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over YouTube video tips to improve your channel.

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1. Use Descriptive Keywords in Your Title

An exciting and descriptive title can improve your YouTube visibility. Your title will include keywords that will let viewers know the topic of your video.

Conduct keyword research to pick the right one for your title. You can use Google Trends to get started on keywords. Type in the words that describe your video. Google will suggest related keywords.

When you optimize your video content, you’ll get organic views from users.

2. Write a Keyword-Rich Description

You can inform users and search engines what your video is about in the description. Having a well-written description will boost the click-through-rate and views.

When viewers read your description, they’ll know what to expect. Descriptions will also let YouTube’s algorithm understand the subject of your video.

3. Optimize Your Thumbnail Picture

Your thumbnail is the visual correspondent to your description and title. The thumbnail image can help increase your YouTube views.

Make sure you use high-quality photos that have engaging fonts and facial closeups. Don’t let YouTube choose your image at random.

You can also add an annotation to your video. An annotation is a text box that appears in your thumbnail. You can add further details and boost your click-through rate by including a CTA.

4. Add Transcripts

Transcripts or captions of your videos can increase your YouTube visibility. Closed captions help you get more views.

People with a disability can still enjoy your video. International viewers can also view your YouTube channel.

5. Build a Community

YouTube isn’t only a search engine for videos. You can build a social network on YouTube and grow your audience. You will need to engage with your viewers.

The best way to build your community online is to respond to comments. If someone asks a direct question, make sure you answer their question. Viewers will comment if they notice you respond to other commenters.

Browse for comments on your new videos. In your niche community, make sure you’re viewing videos and leaving comments as well.

If you engage with authenticity, viewers will become more passionate about your channel.

6. Provide Entertaining and Informational Content

Set a goal to engage, entertain, or teach your viewers about something. If a viewer finds your content valuable, they will return to your channel.

The views will increase in future videos. Viewers might share your content with their network and subscribe to your channel. You can add a poll to your video and ask people for topic recommendations.

Check out the Suggested Video section after you finish a video. YouTube’s algorithm will present content here that’s related to the content.

Try to optimize your video so that it’s relevant to other popular videos. You will have more views because users will see your video pop up. Create video content that covers a similar topic.

7. Invite Guest YouTubers to Your Channel

Like guest posting, you can invite guest YouTubers or influencers to your channel. People with influence can bring their following to your channel. You’ll see an increase of views on your videos.

Interest your users with household industry names who give a different perspective. Make sure you offer a link to their website or channel in your description.

This way, you can build a beneficial relationship and support them as well.

8. Try to Use Cards

Promote your other content within your video with cards. Cards are a YouTube optimization feature.

Get more channel subscribers, promote video content, and send traffic to your website. Donate to a non-profit or encourage your viewers to take part in a poll.

You’ll want to use the cards to encourage users to check out your lesser watched content.

You can use your behavioral analytics to see when users stop watching your video. Put the card in before to make sure it gets seen by more viewers.

9. Don’t Forget About End Screens

Your end screen will function as a few things. Users can check out recommended videos, playlists, or channel information.

If you link to other videos or a subscription box, you’ll want to use this optimization feature.

First, you’ll want to go to your Video Manager. Click edit on the video you want to add to, and then you’ll click Add an end screen. There you can add the extra features.

10. Edit Your Videos

High-quality videos don’t need a high-quality production. If you don’t have the best video equipment, that’s okay.

You want to make sure your videos appear professional. You will need a well-lit background and a script.

Begin with a simple technique. The floating head video that features one person on screen is an effective strategy.

Make sure your on-screen personality is engaging and well-rehearsed. Keep the background distraction-free.

You can create a few recordings. Edit them together until you have the best final product. Learn more about YouTube visibility in this helpful post

Now You Know More Video Tips

We hope this guide on YouTube visibility was helpful. Create engaging content that your audience will love and share with their network. Use these video tips to connect to new viewers.

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