3 Reasons Reputation Management is Important for Vape Companies

Vape companies are on the rise.

More than 9 million U.S. adults vape regularly. A quick glance at the state of the industry shows that there is great potential for businesses.

But vape companies are not without risk. Regulations, negative perceptions, and health effects have all been major drawbacks to the industry.

Brand reputation is critical to any business’s success. Reputation management can help get your company back on track and in control of the driver’s seat.

All vape companies know they’re in a controversial business. Here are some detailed reasons reputation management is so important for your business.

1. Bans

Have you heard of the vaping ban in New York?

New York recently approved a law that will ban vaping under the Clean Indoor Air Act. This mean’s people can no longer vape or use E-cigarettes in public areas.

The recent ban and added regulations have had a negative impact on vaping’s reputation. For a while, vaping was seen as an alternative to smoking. Now, it’s being associated with bans and adverse health effects.

What does this mean for vape companies? They have to compete with a flood of negative articles related to their industry. People are just as likely to find bad press as they are a vaping company’s website.

2. Being Lumped with Cigarettes

Public perception is changing when it comes to vaping.

Vaping rose to prominence for being a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes. They provide smokers with nicotine without the harmful tar that comes with cigarettes.

Unfortunately, e-cigarettes are now being associated with real cigarettes. Smoking regulations have begun to regulate vaping in the same way as other tobacco products. They are becoming associated with the dangers of smoking, despite little long-term health data existing.

Vape companies also have to jump through hoops to relay the message that their product is less harmful than cigarettes. State mandates have made it difficult to dispute health claims. As a result, public perception has taken a dive.

3. Control the Conversation

How can vape companies take control of the conversation? They can participate in reputation management.

Reputation management helps businesses overpower negative press with articles of their own. When someone Google’s their company, they can make sure that positive articles and good press outweigh the bad.

Vape companies can promote blog posts, images, and videos related to their brand. They can also use social media to promote their brand and stimulate good conversations.

Blog posts don’t have to be internal. Companies can also use the local search ecosystem to work on their reputation. These efforts can include enhancing Google listings, directory pages, or even a guest post!

These efforts will help brand reputation. This can have long-term ramifications on customer outreach and retention.

Your Brand Reputation

Vape companies face an uphill battle when it comes to reputation. Recent bans, regulations, and public perception have all hurt the industry.

Reputation management is more important than ever before. Not sure if you have a problem with your online reputation? Use our free reputation audit tool to find out today.