5 Gambling SEO Tips to Clean up Your Reputation

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Dealing with reputation issues for your online gambling or betting website?

Spamming and low-quality link building are two causes of poor reputation in the online gambling niche. Using proper betting and gambling SEO strategies can help you overcome these issues and drive more business in the process.

Here’s a list of 5 gambling SEO tips that will help you clean up your online reputation!

1. Monitor Your Mentions

Step one on our gambling SEO tips list is to monitor mentions of your company across the web.

Use a reputation management tool or Google Analytics to keep track of what people are saying about you so that you can respond appropriately.

2. Engage on Social Media

If you’re using social media to promote your brand, be sure to include a listening strategy in your overall social media plan.

Pay attention to reviews and comments on Facebook, tweets, and interactions on other platforms.

Respond promptly to both positive comments, negative reviews, and general inquiries to build a reputation as a gambling brand that cares about its customers.

3. Rethink Your Content Strategy

Spamming out overly promotional content is a surefire way to get a bad reputation online.

Rather than focusing your blog content on selling and pulling in new customers, shift to becoming a thought leader in the industry.

As part of a solid gambling SEO strategy, you’ll want to position yourself as an expert to gamblers who want to expert. Work to educate potential customers with your content. For example, you could create guides to help them find Free NBA Picks, NBA Free Picks, NFL stats, and more.

4. Don’t Abuse Keywords

On the topic of content, you absolutely do not want to overuse keywords in your blog content and landing pages.

While doing keyword volume research and ranking for specific keywords is important, abusing keywords will raise red flags for Google.

Many online gambling businesses will find keywords that they want to rank for and then proceed to use them too many times in the title, headers, body content, and internal and external links on their sites.

5. Set Your Gambling SEO Sights on Long-Term Goals

While the temptation to create poor salesy content and spam keywords for quick results may be strong, it will ultimately be detrimental to your reputation online.

Instead, implementing a proper keyword and content strategy as mentioned above sets you up for long-term success.

Betting companies often fail to view SEO as part of a long-term plan and that is why they fail.

Google has become increasingly aware of how businesses attempt to game their system for quick ranking gains. The penalties for doing so can seriously damage your online reputation and take months to repair.

Clean Up Your Act!

With these 5 gambling SEO tips, you’ll be on your way to rebuilding your reputation online and ranking higher on search engines.

Not sure how your reputation stands on the internet currently? Try our free reputation audit and contact us if you need help!