5 SEO Tips for Local Construction Companies


Like many industries, local construction companies are up against the pressure of giant businesses competing for customers, shifts in technology and changes in the economy. 

Embracing quality SEO practices will even the playing field. 

If you run a construction company and want to get the most out of your business, you should put the following tips to good use. 

1. Focus on Titles and Keywords

In order to truly get what you need out of search engine optimization, you need to learn the proper use of keywords. 

Incorporating these keywords in an attention-grabbing title and SEO title will help you out more than you know. This is a simple matter, but one that so many companies miss out on when building their site and creating content. 

2. Reach Out to SEO Pros

Getting the help of search engine optimization experts will help you use the strategies that will truly help your local construction company. 

When you talk to these pros, you should tell them all about your goals and what sorts of customers you are hoping to find. Though these services are an ongoing cost, you’ll get a great ROI because you increase your customer base. 

3. Make Great Content Your Prime Area of Focus

By setting up a great website and blog, you can build your SEO ranking and get more traffic. However, writing stellar content is the first order of business if you hope to have success. 

Writing blog posts that ring out and inspire people is the best SEO you can ever hope for. 

Be sure that your posts are relevant, engaging and informative so that people have a reason to subscribe and return. 

4. Get As Many Testimonials As You Can

If you’d like your web presence to be strong, it starts with asking your customers to leave you a review. Simply offering them an incentive, such as a discount, can prompt someone to leave you a glowing 5-star review. 

You can also hire reputation services companies that can help you out with your company’s status around the web. That way, you are better able to control your own narrative. 

5. Use Excellent Video Content

People today love video content because they are able to access it on mobile devices and can take it in easier than text when pressed for time. 

Great videos will also inform people about what you do. For instance, if you offer crane hire services, you can get the word out by showing off your cranes in a well-shot and produced video package. 

When you learn more about creating video content, it’s easier for you to build your SEO results. 

These SEO Tips Will Revolutionize Local Construction Companies

Using these SEO tips will bear fruit for any local construction companies that need them. If you’re in this boat, be sure to make SEO your focus and follow these strategies. 

We understand the ins and outs of SEO and can help you when you need it. 

If you’d like help with SEO and reputation management, contact us for information.