How Accountants Can Build Customer Confidence

customer confidenceAs an accountant, you understand your clients trust you with their tax and bookkeeping tasks. But accountants can offer more than that. As an accountant, you understand how finance works and how it can make or break a business.

Your clients trust you with your advice when handling finances. So much so that, they trust you more than anyone when discussing finances.

Your client’s trust can also be great for your business.

Take pride in your work as an accountant and provide superb customer service to your clients. Here are some tips when building customer confidence. Increase transparency with your clients and increase your referrals.

Prove Your Client’s Data Security

When handling finances, your clients want to make sure their data is secure. Hackers find ways to steal your identity and account information.

As an accountant, you have access to sensitive information. Social security numbers, bank accounts, and even company wages are examples of private information you have access to.

It’s easy for a hacker to gain access to systems. You need to prove their financial information is encrypted and can’t be stolen.

To increase customer confidence when dealing with sensitive information, write a contract stating how you’re protecting their financial information.

If you go through a third-party, explain the company and provide information on why they can effectively protect sensitive data.

Your clients trust you with more than advice — they’re trusting you with their financial data. Prove you can protect their finances and personal data and develop a great reputation amongst your clients.

Offer Financial Planning

Depending on your qualifications, you can offer financial planning services. Your clients will receive the benefits of both an accountant and financial advisor and may save money in the long-term.

The logic is simple: if your clients’ taxes are complex, the full scope of their finances must be equally complex.

They could probably use financial advisory services from a certified financial planner. This advisory information includes investments, insurance, and estate planning.

You also develop a connection with your clients when doing their taxes.

You see their income and you have a general idea of their income for the next year. Since this is the most important piece of information, you need to know how they’re using their money.

If you’re not a certified financial planner, consider becoming certified. Offer your clients more financial services outside of their taxes.

If you plan on offering more services than just tax preparation, look at a versatile resource such as McNew & Associates to stay ahead of the game.

Offer Incentives for Referral

You want to increase your practice but you understand competition is fierce. Who can trust you more than anyone? Your clients. So where are you more likely to receive business? Your clients.

If your clients are promoting your services, give back. Offer a discount or a free service. This tactic may be clich?, but this practice is always a revenue and business booster.

Are You Increasing Customer Confidence?

Accountants can do more for clients than just taxes. You offer financial advice and security to your clients. You help build client trust based on their finances.

You know you can use your expertise to be a reliable figure for your clients and their businesses.

If you need more reputation advice for your CPA firm, visit our resources.