The Best Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis Tools for Social Media

opinion mining and sentiment analysisSocial media is crucial when it comes to promoting a business’s brand, as proven by how many people use it on a daily basis. A key component of many social media strategies is opinion mining and sentiment analysis.

This type of analysis is essential to gauge public opinion of a business’s brand. Companies want to see the impact they have on consumers, primarily through outreach online.

There are numerous tools available to help organizations perform this type of assessment. However, some are better than others.

Here are seven helpful tools that will assist your business with opinion mining and sentiment analysis.

Google Alerts

With Google Alerts, businesses can essentially eavesdrop on conversations that are being had about them on social media.

They can see how potential customers view their brand and its connection to the business.

Using Google Alerts allows organizations to track their online presence and view comments and likes that show support and satisfaction or complaints that signal areas in need of improvement.

Google Analytics

Another Google tool, Google Analytics, allows businesses to discover what about their brand is attracting consumers and how they can capitalize on it.

Google Analytics allows you to see the exact amount of visitors that have found your website, learn which exact terms your visitors type in search engines, and optimize keywords so that your site will hopefully rank higher.

Facebook Insights

If a business’s Facebook page has more than 30 likes, it can take advantage of Facebook Insights.

With Facebook Insights, organizations are able to see their page’s number of fans, number of likes, and page views.

More importantly, it also allows you to view fans’ demographics and who of them are daily active users, letting you to understand your social media audience better and craft more specific posts that cater to them.


With roughly 950 million websites on the Internet, you are guaranteed to face stiff competition from other business. Tweetstats can supply information to help you evaluate your own progress and how you stack up against your competitors.

With Tweetstats, marketers can track and measure specific aspects of Twitter accounts, such as average number of tweets per day, growth of followers, and frequency of replies.

People Browser

If you really want to see the impact of specific marketing campaigns, People Browser is an amazing tool.

Not only can it find every mention of your brand, industry, and competitors and analyze sentiment, but People Browser can also compare the number of mentions before, during, and after campaigns.


Brandwatch is another incredibly useful tool that provides its users with detailed information from over 70 million traffic sources.

Additionally, Brandwatch can review the tone of the posts it’s scanning so that businesses can examine how potential customers respond to certain types of content.

Semantria’s Lexalytics

People misinterpreting each other’s sentiments online is not a rare occurrence. A mean or sarcastic comment can be misconstrued as positive and encouraging.

Fortunately for businesses, Semantria’s Lexalytics breaks down each word in every sentence and assesses its sentiment based on the context of the post.

Semantria then compares that post with other related content to reach a more definitive conclusion.

Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis: Going Forward

All of these tools can be extremely helpful when it comes to building and monitoring your brand.

Be sure to keep them in mind when focusing on opinion mining and sentiment analysis.

Do you have any other questions about opinion mining or sentiment analysis? Can we assist you with your brand in any other way? If so, please contact us so we can help!