How a Brand Evaluation Positions You For Success

Everyone knows a successful business needs great marketing.

But, not everyone realizes the importance of branding.

This goes deeper than how well your logo stands out or how many social media followers you have. It includes value perceptions and emotions, too.

As such, you need to do a brand evaluation to make sure every aspect of your company is in sync.

Let’s take a closer look at why this matters.

What is a Brand?

The American Marketing Association defines a brand as any feature that identifies one’s goods or services as distinct from another’s.

It’s your logo, your employees, your packaging, and your social initiatives. It’s your best and your worst product. It’s your level of authority and how you’re making waves in an industry.

Basically, your brand is an overarching umbrella for your entire business.

It should be at the heart of everything you do. If you’re not sure how to turn these principles into tangible strategies, you need a brand evaluation.

Here are three things a deep-dive into your brand can provide.

1. Establish a Direction

A brand evaluation can serve as your business’ GPS.

It identifies which efforts your users are positively and negatively reacting to.

This kind of feedback can tell you what to keep building on and what to change.

It might look like continuing to use your go-to social media hashtags or trying a new opt-in approach. It can also identify an emerging need in your current market or a chance to enter a new market.

2. Identify Your Target Market

Speaking of audience opportunities, are you sure you’re trying to reach the right target?

Too many businesses operate on a wide definition their target, or the wrong target entirely.

Your demographic might be in their 40s-50s instead of their 60s-70s. They could have more or less disposable income than you think, too.

These aren’t details to overlook. They have a significant effect on how well your brand is received, and how strong your sales numbers are.

Use your brand evaluation to add as many details to your buyer persona as possible.

Give the person a name, a job, a personal life, and a set of goals. Ask yourself what their buying process looks like and align your marketing approach accordingly.

3. Improve Your Content Strategies

Much of your marketing relies heavily on new content.

For digital campaigns, this looks like boosted ads on social media, SEO-focused keywords and blogs, and email updates. In print, it could be billboards or city posters, or something as simple as a business card.

Remember, your brand is everywhere.

Thankfully, an evaluation can help you make your presence as strong as possible.

Start the Brand Evaluation Process

Establishing a consistent brand boosts recognition and loyalty among consumers.

This can lead to higher traffic and conversion rates. Plus, a loyal following will come in handy should you ever need to do some reputation repair.

Not sure where you stand with consumers?

Contact us today to get a free reputation audit!