Create a Rock Solid Social Media Marketing Campaign! 3 Social Media Post Ideas for Your Concrete Business


Customer engagement, complaint resolution, lead generation, reputation-building–social media has it all! These days, it takes more than word of mouth and phonebook ads to be the number one concrete business in your community. It also takes a strong social media presence.

But when you’re new to the social media game, you may not know how to get started. What exactly are you supposed to post? 

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Below we list the three best social media post ideas for your concrete business and why you need them. Use these social media posting ideas to be the top concrete business in town!

1. Create Customer Engagement

Imagine a store where the employees never greet customers or ask if they need help. The customers are ignored unless they make the first move.

Would that store experience a lack of customer engagement? Of course, it would!

This same rule applies to social media. Don’t wait for customer engagement, initiate it.

How? Ask! Instead of waiting for a response, ask for one.

Do a simple poll, related or unrelated to your business. If you’re daring–and careful–enough, try some light controversy.

A little division can spark a passionate conversation that really fires up customers to engage. A good example is, “Which type of finish would you use to seal a concrete kitchen countertop?”

But too much controversy can spark a raging comment war and, apparently, more serious consequences. Avoid this by keeping it politically neutral.

Also, ask your customers for help with a business decision. When they help you shape the future of your business, they’re more invested in it. This increases loyalty.

2. Share Your Excitement

Think about what gets you excited about your business. Now, why not use social media to get your customers excited about it, too?

Did something awesome happen at work? Don’t keep it to yourself. Share it!

If you’re worried your followers will yawn in boredom at your work stories, don’t be. It does wonders for your image to show customers you’re passionate about what you do.

Don’t forget: you deal in concrete, and concrete is permanent. Whether the work is good or bad, your customers are stuck with it once it’s done. They want someone who knows and cares about what they do, not some cut-rate contractor.

Plus, excitement is a very natural, non-pushy way to link to a new product or service. Example:

“Our new line of coloured concrete is in! Things just got aesthetic. Come check out your options!”

3. Be More Entertaining Than Concrete

Let’s face it. If someone says, “You’re as interesting as concrete,” they probably don’t mean it as a compliment.

But running a “boring” business shouldn’t mean producing boring social media content. In fact, it should mean the opposite. 

Make up for your “boring” niche with interesting, creative, and entertaining content. In addition to the tips above, try these.

If you can afford it, get the rights to use a popular licensed character in your social media/other marketing campaigns. Or, create your own characters, comic strip, or otherwise humorous and entertaining line of ads.

Do you have anyone at your disposal who doodles or dabbles in graphic design? Know any creative writers? Get some creative types involved in producing catchy content for social media posts.

Try These Social Media Post Ideas

Now that you know what to post on social media, it’s time to get started! Start using these social media post ideas now and don’t stop. Post at least five times a week. 

And don’t stop there. Try these bonus tips as well.

In addition to posting, listen. Get in touch with your audience by reading their posts to learn what’s important to them. 

Lastly, engage. Respond to your audience, especially to resolve customer complaints. This type of engagement shows everyone on your social media page that you care about them.

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