How to Create a Brand Positioning Strategy for an Auto Repair Company

brand positioning strategyPositioning your brand in a way that makes sure you stand apart from the competition plays an integral part in running a successful business.

In the world of auto repair companies it can be easy to blend into the crowd, but don’t let that happen.

Take some time to consider why your company is different and what you can offer your clients that other brands cannot. Keep this in mind as you keep reading.

Learn more about creating a brand positioning strategy below.

What is a Brand Positioning Strategy

A brand positioning strategy is the strategy you use to position your brand in the way you want it to be perceived by your clients.

The aim of a positioning strategy is to create an impression on your client that is positive, memorable, and makes a distinct impression apart from the competition.

Whether your business is actively strategizing or not positioning is happening, so it’s best to be proactive about how you want your business to be perceived.

Types of Brand Positioning Strategies

There are a handful of different positioning strategies that are useful in many scenarios.

Four of the most popular and relevant to auto repair companies are:


An example of a cost-driven positioning strategy is the concept of “our auto repair company offers everything that you could want but at a lower price than everyone else”.

This strategy works best if you actually have substantially lower costs, but with the right marketing, it can work strongly in your favor regardless.

Niche Specialization

When using niche specialization as a strategy it is important to focus on what you niche specialty that you offer that the competition may not.

An example of this is “we have the best selling tonneau cover that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Unless your specialty niche begins to become overpopulated with other companies offering similar products and services, this strategy is pretty failproof.

Industry Specialization

Like niche specialization as a strategy, industry specialization focuses on the general industry.

When it comes to auto repair businesses this would mean a positioning strategy like “we do repairs and services that you need”.

This strategy isn’t as strong as some of the others can be, but it is still a good option if you aren’t surrounded by too much heavy competition.

Quality of Service

Quality of service is perhaps one of the most common and best positioning strategies.

Using positioning that gives the impression that you care about your client’s happiness and satisfaction above all else will keep people coming back over and over again.

However, it’s important to note that if this is the strategy you decide to use your brand should indeed focus on giving top quality service. If your positioning strategy and actual output don’t match this won’t be effective.

Implement Your Brand Positioning Strategy

Use this information to build your brand positioning strategy to help your auto repair company to stand out from the rest.

Still don’t know where to get started? Check out these reasons why you may want to hire a brand strategist.

If you find your business’s reputation needs more help, contact us and we’d be happy to help get you back on the path to success.