Grow Your Business! 7 2020 SEO Trends You Need to Know

SEO is more prominent in 2020! In fact, businesses in the U.S. are projected to spend about $80 billion on search engine optimization. With new companies springing up, there’s heightened competition for consumers.

Knowledge of the latest SEO trends will give you a competitive advantage. Google keeps changing the search algorithms that lead to shifts in SEO. You need to know most of these changes and how they affect your business ranking.

If you’re wondering if there are SEO trends in 2020 that could impact your business, you’re in the right place. Click here to learn 2020 SEO trends that will grow your business. 

1. Consolidation of SERP

Search engine results pages are becoming more consolidated. There has been a notable increase in ad share. Snippets and answer boxes are getting more clicks, and the ‘ask’ boxes are gaining relevance.

With the rise of zero-click searches, users don’t have to visit a site to get the results. For website owners, this trend will make SEO tougher to crack. The consolidation of SERPS means that your site is less likely to get visitors unless you upgrade your game.  

So, what can you do to ensure that your site doesn’t run short of traffic? Diversification and creativity. It’s about time you considered long-tail keywords and probably omnichannel marketing. 

While at it, research on tools that can help you evaluate each page. Some of these tools are essential in increasing your organic traffic. Nonetheless, this trend shouldn’t make you give up on utilizing other optimization tactics. 

2. Quality Content 

While it almost sounds like a cliché, content is king. Content is central to SEO. If there’s a trend that has remained timeless, it is quality content. 

One of the top SEO trends that you’d want to prioritize is creating valuable and relevant content. If you can’t write top-notch content, hire professionals. The content on your website has a significant impact on your ranking on search engines.

Valuable content will impress your site visitors. What’s more, you’ll be in a better place to have long-tail searches, which plays a critical role in building your site’s authority. Quality content that focuses on solving a need will get you on Google’s good books.

You can check this guide to SEO to know more about content. Note that you need to combine quality content with other SEO features to have an impressive rank.  

3. Mobile SEO 

If your mobile site is a mess, you might need a website to revamp in 2020. When developing a site, start by ensuring that it is mobile compatible before even thinking about desktop usage. This approach will ensure that your site has a speed that will keep users engaged.

Going by the World Advertising Research Center report, about 3.7 billion people will be accessing the internet through their smartphones. As such, mobile SEO should be a priority. Seek to know more about the kind of optimization that will get you real results. 

In 2015, Google made changes that favor mobile-friendly websites. The trend has continued to gain momentum with the increasing use of smartphones. For sites that haven’t embraced mobile-friendliness, the ranking lowers automatically.

4. Voice Search 

Voice search is among the 2020 SEO trends that will influence Google ranking. Internet users are taking advantage of Google’s ‘search by voice’ to get products or services. People use voice search the same way they would type a query. 

The advent of voice-based technology has increased the relevance of direct questions, which will be a critical part of SEO in 2020. Trigger words search as ‘how’ and ‘what’ have been ranking highly in search engines. It would help to optimize your site for voice optimization as it is becoming prevalent.

Voice searches are often longer and conversational. You can leverage this feature by using long-tail keyword phrases. Giving well-researched and rich answers will also enable your site to have a higher rank. 

5. Video for SEO Strategy 

Video marketing ranks amongst the top SEO trends that will impact digital marketing in 2020. The consumption of video content is rising steadily. Going by the number of people watching videos each day, you can’t afford to ignore this trend. 

Videos are quite engaging. Having them as part of your SEO strategy will improve the interaction your audience has with your brand. This approach will increase leads to your website. 

You can start by using engaging thumbnail images that prompt users to click through to your website. Include proper captions and transcripts to your videos. You can also post the videos on several platforms to increase the number of viewers.

6. Data in 2020 SEO Trends  

Structured data is gaining more attention in 2020. Your SEO strategy requires an analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. The assessment of this kind of data will assist you in tracking users’ behavior, which will enable you to adjust your site optimization as necessary. 

You’ll need data science to analyze this information. Using data will help you evaluate some actions, such as the preference for particular products. Therefore, the data will be a great resource when making marketing decisions.

Structured data has significant impacts on analytics. This data will play a role in product development and marketing. Ensure that you’ve researched the right software to analyze your site’s data.

7. Keyword Research

Keyword research is here to stay! Keyword research has been central to SEO since its inception. However, there have been some changes in the way web pages use keywords.

With tools such as SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner, you can have a keyword list that will make your site rank highly. It would also be advisable to have secondary keywords to help in your ranking. More importantly, consider keywords that will get your site multiple clicks. 

Knowing the 2020 SEO Trends Gives You Leverage in Your Digital Marketing 

SEO is the future of digital marketing. If you want to increase traffic on your website, knowledge of top SEO trends is paramount. It would help to know some of the 2020 SEO trends that will impact your business. 

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