How to Market Your Commercial Janitorial Service in 5 Easy Steps


The janitorial service industry employs over 3 million people and is valued at $61 billion. Disneyland alone has a staff of 600 overnight custodians to scrape gum, scrub tables, peel stickers off the ground, and keep the park looking as new as it did in 1955.

As long as people keep making messes, the cleaning industry will keep growing. Parking lots and construction sites need cleaning. Windows need wiping. 

Are you looking to grow your commercial janitorial service? Here are five easy steps to help you market your business.

1. Have a Specialty

In a field as populated as janitorial services, you have to make your business stand out. Define your focus and develop a specialty.

Your point of difference could be emergency cleanup. Be the best at carpets or windows or trash removal.

Or go green and make your choice of cleaning products your specialty. Eco-friendly cleaning is a priority in this day and age.

As your business becomes more established, you can diversify and offer a wider range of services.

2. Call Ahead

Pinpoint local businesses within your chosen specialty, and start making calls. Set up appointments or ask if you can drop off your business card.

Prepare talking points, especially if you’re not comfortable selling yourself or talking on the phone. Be personal and give your contact information and a rundown of services. Offer to put together a free pricing quote.

Try to avoid going door to door, as it can make you appear pushy and you may lose some credibility. 

3. Marketing Materials

Set aside some of your budget for marketing literature. You’ll need well-designed brochures, business cards, and fliers or mailers. 

Consider investing in some promotional materials like pens, t-shirts, and magnets. Send a marketing package within a week of contact with potential clients.

4. Establish a Social Presence

Get online. You need a concise, organized website with general information and a way to get in touch. It’s nice to have an “About” section to humanize your business.

Set up a Facebook account where you can interact with customers and receive ratings and reviews. It’s an opportunity to clarify misunderstandings and to communicate your appreciation. Run discounts or promotions through your Facebook page and have people mention the deal when they contact you. 

Set up a Google My Business profile. You can control your listing information and customers can leave reviews.

More than anything, a social presence gives you a chance to be personal and clever. It inspires loyalty and gives people an easy way to promote your business through word of mouth.

5. Consider a Partnership

Combine forces with other local businesses to become their commercial janitorial company of choice. 

Contact real estate agents who might offer cleaning services with sales. Home builders and contractors also frequently utilize cleanup crews.

Partner with your customers too. Ask them to leave reviews and provide referrals. 

Grow Your Commercial Janitorial Service

While growing your commercial janitorial service can be daunting at first, break it down into tips, and it becomes more manageable.

When you’re first starting out, carve out a niche to set yourself apart. An online presence helps get the word out.

Are you looking for help expanding your online presence? Our suite of social media marketing services can get you the reputation you deserve.