How to Use Testimonials to Boost Your Online Reputation

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When you’re interested in boosting your business, it’s important that you control your reputation. This is key since 90 percent of buyers put trust in search engines before doing business.

So how do you control your online reputation?

There are a few ways to go about controlling your reputation, but start with your customers. Getting positive customer quotes and testimonials can be worth their weight in gold.

To learn more about making this happen, read on.

Incentivize Your Clientele to Leave Customer Quotes

It’s vital that you not just sit back and wait for reviews to crawl in. Instead, don’t be afraid to ask your customers to help you out.

In most situations, they’ll be more than happy to look out for you and leave you a glowing review. If you really want to grow your reviews by leaps and bounds, make it worth your customer’s time.

For instance, what if you offered a 30% discount on a future sale? What if you threw in a freebie?

Chances are great that you’ll see an uptick in your reviews, which will also promote your brand to the point that it begins to work for itself.

Use Video Testimonials Whenever Possible

Video is king, so you need to get on board with it. In fact, YouTube consumption is currently increasing by a whopping 100 percent each and every year!

You can increase your web presence and bring in positive traffic by asking your clients and customers for video testimonials. While you’re incentivizing customers for written reviews, double down on it and make the rewards sweeter for people that get in front of the camera and express how you’ve helped them.

People trust video for a number of reasons. While the written and spoken word are powerful, you can really pick up nuance, emotion, and expression when you watch someone while they speak.

Since everyone these days has a cell phone, you should have no problem drawing in lots of video reviews. When you’re marketing the videos, use customer quotes in the description or thumbnail.

Create Testimonial Ads as a Fixture for Your Marketing

Finally, be sure that you feature some ads that are focused on customer quotes and testimonials. Make sure that you compile the best quotes or clips from your customers and use them in your ad placement.

Whether you purchase YouTube ads, Google search ads, or banner ads, sharing customer’s experience is key.

This can be a big part of your marketing initiative, without having to go out of your way to create ads that are expensive. The testimonials and customer quotes will speak for themselves, and people will believe in you without you having to go out of your way.

Since your online reputation is everything, go all out with this ad campaign.

Get the Reputation Help You Need

As you can see, you can gain a lot when you share customer quotes and take other measures to protect your reputation.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our site to learn more about our reputation tools and services.