Improving Productivity: How to Create a Collaborative Workspace Online


3.9 million.

That’s how many Americans now work from home. It’s a dream come true for the worker, but for the business owner employing them, questions arise when it comes to an inclusive environment.

When owning a company with a lot of remote workers, it can be hard to ensure everyone’s on the same page. Not only that but you need to make it a collaborative workspace online so productivity stays up.

Worried your remote workers aren’t feeling involved?

We’ll go over effective ways on how to create an online workspace for everyone on your payroll.

Take a look!

Pick a Communication Software

In order to keep everyone in the loop, you’ll need software (or even an app) that allows everyone to communicate.

Take the Slack app, for example. Users can download it either to their phone or desktop.

It helps reduce the number of emails, especially when it comes to project development. Everyone can communicate with one another with what needs to be done. Because they get that information quicker, they’re able to move forward right away.

Brush Up on Training

If workers have been with your company for a while, chances are they’ve forgotten a few things they learned in training. So productivity keeps at a good pace, send out refresher courses. These should be available online, so everyone can read or watch them.

For the collaborative aspect, have two complimentary departments work together. This could be the sales and customer service teams, so they can work on pitches and understand what questions customers are asking most.

Incentives and Positive Reinforcement

If an employee doesn’t feel appreciated, you can forget them working hard. When most of your workers are remote, think outside of the box when it comes to positive reinforcement.

Set up a chat or Skype call to let them know where their progress is and what they can improve on. Be sure to compliment them on things they’ve done right. Simply saying “thanks for all you do” is enough to boost someone’s confidence.

As for incentives, you can set up monthly bonuses. If workers meet their numbers then they get a certain money amount added to their paychecks.

And speaking of paychecks, it’s best to send out paystubs to remote employees as well. This gives them tangible proof that they’re more than just a number—they’ll feel more like an employee. You can learn more about paystubs if you’re unsure about generating ones for your team.

Create Your Collaborative Workspace Online Today

Whether your employees are in different offices in different cities or are completely remote, it can be difficult to get everyone together. That’s where creating a collaborative workspace online comes into play.

Using the tips above, you can ensure everyone communicates and feels appreciated in order to improve productivity. This way, everyone feels included.

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