Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas That Will Improve Your Online Reputation

real estate video marketing

What is a real estate agent without his or her reputation? A sitting duck with no leads, sales or revenue. So it’s a no-brainer that drawing in an abundance of the right traffic is the key to success.

And there aren’t many ways you can achieve this without the internet. Likely, you already have a website, company blog and maybe even a few social media pages.

But that will only take you but so far. It’s essential to keep evolving with the times. And the content users are consuming the most today is video.

Video content is the perfect addition to your marketing strategy, especially since real estate is a highly visual industry. Showcasing your homes using real estate video marketing is ingenious.

But if you’re struggling with ideas for other types of video content, then the following should give you some ideas.

Create Interview Videos

Home buyers are looking for realtors with experience and a track record of success. And what better way to show this than with customer testimonials?

Most consumers ask for references to gauge your professionalism and expertise. By interviewing past clients on video, you’re making it easier for prospects to make a final decision.

If you’re new to the industry, you can interview colleagues or other buyers and sellers you’ve done business with in the past.

Mark King Properties cash house buyers does a great job of capturing client reviews on their website.

Develop Informational Videos

Another way to attract prospects with real estate video marketing is by posting informational content. Many home buyers are first-timers looking for solid advice.

So if you’ve worked in real estate for a while, you may have heard many of the same questions asked by clients. All you need to do is package the most frequently asked questions into an informational video series.

Establishing yourself as a real estate resource can really help boost your visibility and reputation.

Shoot Videos of the Community

Today’s home buyers are conducting their searches using the web. So the more you can show about the home and neighborhood the better.

Plus, some prospects live too far away to visit the community, so having a video available will come in handy. It’s not uncommon for prospects to relocate to another city or state.

In your video, interview local businesses and showcase the different amenities nearby. This will give your property listings a competitive edge.

Live Stream with Prospects

Live streaming has grown in popularity for many reasons. For instance, it sets up direct communication between prospects and realtors.

This allows prospects to ask questions and get answers in real time.

Now, you don’t want to live stream just for the sake of doing it. And don’t do it on a whim. Set up an event that you countdown to on your social media pages. This will give prospects time to plan their attendance.

Also, establish the focus of the video in advance, so the conversations are tailored towards that.

Showcase Your Listings

Now, this is an obvious one. And you’re likely already doing it. But to take this a step further, you can create 360-degree virtual tours. This way, prospects can walk through the property.

A virtual house walkthrough is a must-have for winning over home buyers.

Maintain Your Reputation with Real Estate Video Marketing

Video marketing is only one of the ways you can maintain and improve your reputation. At Reputation Results, we offer free reputation audits that review your overall online presence.

This includes bad internet reviews found on forums, social media and blogs. With our reputation management services, you can shift your brand into a more positive light.

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