SEO Reputation Management: Using SEO and PPC to Boost Your Reputation

seo reputation managementHow do your customers look at your business? What are the opinions of random people visiting your business site?

It’s no secret having a good reputation online is essential when you are running a digital business. It will affect your customers’ impression of you and your website even if they haven’t visited it yet.

A bad reputation means people will tend to have negative thoughts about you and your website. This can hurt your business even if you provide the kind of quality service they’re looking for.

If left alone, a cascading effect can happen, word will spread about your bad reputation and people will start avoiding your services altogether.

PPC and SEO reputation management are both great ways for you to raise your reputation online. Read what’s below to get a better grasp of how you can improve your online reputation.

What is PPC?

For those who are not familiar, PPC is an abbreviation for pay-per-click. This is a common way used by a lot of websites to allow businesses to advertise through them.

The website gets paid whenever someone a user clicks on one of these advertisements. This helps both the advertiser and their host in different ways. Traffic on the advertiser’s site increases a lot, and the host gets paid.

Many websites use PPC to generate income. Facebook and Google are two of the biggest names that top the list. Facebook has their ads located at the side of their user interface for the convenience of the user. Google has ads related to the user’s search appear on top of the search results.

Often, they are distinguishable from the other link with a noticeable indication that they are an ad.

So, how can you use PPC as one of your online reputation management techniques? Here are some ways you can do this.

Choose the Right Keywords

The first thing you need to do is to let more people know about your website. Choosing the proper keywords is essential for this.

Keywords are what people will most likely type into a search bar when they’re looking for a specific service.

Use a keyword that covers a wide range when you’re making your advertisements. Google will prioritize a near-exact match when it does a search on the internet. This increases the chances of people noticing you online.

Think of questions people may type into the search bar when looking for anything related to your service. Having an answer at the ready helps you make the most out of this PPC strategy.

Make Your Advertisements Appealing

People always get the chance to look at the surface first before anything. While your advertisement may include everything they need to have a good impression of you, a sloppy looking ad will result in them losing interest right away.

Organize your ads to suit what your website offers. Display them by categories like by services you provide, by how your customers need your services or product. Doing this will help make it easier for them to find what they need. This will give them the impression of a good, well-maintained website.

You can also place an image or video in place for your ad. People tend to favor simple images and fun videos than having to read text nowadays. That said, be sure the media you’re presenting is relevant to your ad.

Have Good Relations with Third Parties

Another way to increase your reputation is to have someone talk about it in a positive light. Maintain a good relationship with your host or other popular websites. They will tend to have more followers than you do.

They will have a big influence on many people. Any review from them about your site will affect their followers’ view on your page.

Other websites provide services to help you work on your site. While different, they can still help you increase your reputation through other means. For example, websites that have PPC power can help manage your ads, make them become cleaner, and help increase your reputation.

Not sure where to go? You can check Pay Per Click Authority for further assistance.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is responsible for your online visibility in different search engines. SEO uses the quality of your content, the popularity of your website, and the relations you have with other high-ranking websites to determine your SEO ranking.

Now that you have people visiting your website, impress them with what’s in your site. Gathering positive reviews from different users helps to increase your reputation. Positive content may pull you up further with the help of search engine reputation management.

Here are some ways you can ensure an increase.

Make Amazing Content

The first thing to do when you’re doing SEO is to make sure you have high-quality content. As said above, SEO uses your content to determine your SEO ranking. So, you should consider making your content more easy-to-understand for new users. People often have short patience for something they have a hard time understanding.

Also, you should add more content on a regular basis. This ensures people keep on coming back to your site for more.

It is also important that you let your users have a voice on your website. Add a comment section or allow them to post their own opinions to be able to speak out. An active user base and good user engagement only help you rank higher during SEO.

Link Other Page’s Content in Yours

A direct link to another page is the most important source of ranking power. External links are different from internal links because they’re considered as third parties.

It’s a way for your users to come across information they may have missed otherwise. This increases your SEO ranking through favorable returns. Traffic directed to another site may mean traffic directed by to your site in return.

Ask Known Writers to Write About You

If you’ve linked to the content of a writing blog or a journalism website, it may be a good idea to ask them for help.

A review from them will increase the chances of your website to appear in the search engine results page. Provided they talk about you in a positive light. This is why it’s important to make friends with them first.

Learn the Basics of SEO Reputation Management

How to improve online reputation? With the help of this guide, SEO reputation management should be simple for you.

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