Tops Tips for Running a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Having a social media account for your business is not the same as having a social media strategy.

The account is your platform. The strategy is what uses this platform with the business’s best interest in mind. This is a tool that can drive traffic, sales, and more – you just have to know how to use it.

Such successes begin with the right social media marketing campaign.

Not sure how to get started?

Here are five campaign strategies to always keep in mind.

1. Know Your Audience

Although social media can serve many different branding and marketing purposes, it all comes down to one thing: you have to be social!

Socializing begins with making a connection. To make the strongest connections possible, you have to know who your audience is.

Take your product’s buyer persona and develop it even further.

Ask yourself how much time your ideal buyer spends on social media. Consider the kind of hashtags and interaction behaviors they use. Maybe even try to identify the influencers and accounts your users are following.

These concepts shouldn’t be assumptions or shots in the dark of what you think users are doing.

They should be created based on research and data.

2. Find the Best Channel

The details above create the foundation for your social media marketing campaign.

Then, it’s time to get to work.

Identify the social media channel that your users frequent the most and make your presence there known.

Use this platform every day. Be conversational with your copywriting and don’t be afraid to share a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes.

The more approachable you make your account, the more users will flock there.

3. Don’t Box Yourself In

As effective as a quirky caption and an engaging photo can be, remember not to limit yourself.

Take the efforts you’ve put into one social media account and expand them to other options.

Are your Facebook followers increasing every day? Great – time to go to Instagram. Do users love your Instagram stories? Put them on Snapchat, too.

This is all about making your digital reach go as far as possible. It allows your message to be heard loud and clear, no matter where your audience is.

4. Do Something Different

A great way to make your message heard is to make it stand out.

Put your own twist on things going on in the media or the most recent fad that has taken your target market by storm. Such a creative direction keeps you relevant yet interesting.

It shows you know what users want to see/hear, and that you can deliver it in a fun, exciting manner.

Your audience will catch on with your style.

They will buy-in via likes, shares, comments, and reposts. They will tag their friends and maybe tag you in some separate posts, too.

This is all a sign your social media marketing campaign is paying off.

5. Engage, Engage, Engage

To make your campaign as effective as can be, you have to keep working at it.

Sure, strategies will change and new initiatives will come into play. But, you can’t just leave your social media account out to dry. You have to constantly interact with the following you’ve built.

This means regular posts that are different, yet well-branded.

Your brand keeps your online reputation consistent.

But, doing something out of your norm from time to time adds an intriguing dynamic.

Monitor the Performance of Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

After launching your first social media marketing campaign, the real work begins.

This is the time to track user engagements from follows and shares to likes and mentions.

See where your content is performing the best and which channels might need you to try again. More importantly, take a look at your overall online reputation.

Contact us today to see how social media and your online reputation go hand in hand.