5 Ways Your Google Reputation Influences Consumer Trust

google reputationUsers around the world are searching for businesses online every day.

Someone might be looking for their new favorite coffee shop or an emergency contractor. They could need a hair stylist or a pet-sitter, too. Regardless, these people all have one thing in common.

Every one that searches for a business online is already judging how much they can trust you.

People use a business’ Google reputation to shape their perspective of a brand. Before they even click on your add, there is already a good prediction whether they will make a purchase or not.

Here are five ways your reputation on Google affects consumer trust.

1. The First Page Is Prime Real Estate In Terms Of Google Reputation

Google search results may not be Delaware Statutory Trust, but the first page is definitely the top real estate of the online world.

In fact, most users don’t even make it to the second page. People want instant gratification. They also start to lose trust for a company the lower they have to go on a list to find what they’re looking for.

2. Pictures Say 1,000 Words

As users scroll through Google, they are looking for pictures to tell them all about the services they want.

A business that has the same amount of reviews as their competitor but more pictures can see up to 200% more traffic. Traffic is a sign of trust. It does not always lead to a sale, but it says users are interested and want to learn more.

The more pictures you use to say who you are, the more users will engage in conversation.

3. Recent Interactions Matter

People want products and services that are consistent.

As such, your Google reputation depends more on what consumers have said in the past week than in the past few months. The more recent a good review, the more a new user is likely to trust you.

It shows you care to perform according to industry standards, and maybe even go beyond.

4. Wrong Information Gets In The Way

Don’t be the company that loses potential sales because they couldn’t market themselves correctly.

Be sure you are displaying the right information in your Google ads. Use clear and consistent brand messaging to gain consumer trust. More often than not, sales are lost because people found themselves clicking on the wrong information.

Start out on the right foot and say what you need to say to get your message across.

5. Negative Reviews Turn People Away

A bad Google reputation can sometimes do more damage than a strong reputation’s ability to do good work.

Negative reviews turn away up to 60% of your potential market.

This reinforces how crucial it is to get things right the first time. The more you make a good impression on the customers in your store or already following you online, the more your market will spread.

Find Out Your Google Reputation

Trust is an important part of any relationship, especially for consumers and their businesses of choice.

Show you are a reputable company as soon as you pop up in search results.

Get a reputation audit today to see how well you are already performing and what you can do to build more trust.