8 Key Elements to Successful SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Do you need to use SMS marketing platforms to improve your campaigns and to build customers for your business?

Did you know that sixty-two percent of cell phone users check their phones for new text messages when they wake up? While seventy-nine percent check their devices for new text messages within fifteen minutes of waking up.

These interesting statistics convey the popularity of text messaging and why it should be a significant part of your marketing strategy.

Implement these elements to achieve successful SMS marketing campaigns.

1. Special and Exciting Offers

Instead of sending generic offers, focus on sending exciting and incredible offers that cell phone users want to receive. A focus on sending exclusive offers makes it easier for people to respond to your messages or to buy a product.

Your exclusive offers might also consist of promotions and special deals. These are exciting offers that get people excited and make them eager to take some form of action.

Another way to make your offers exclusive is to run competitions. People love the chance to win something special.

So, running competitions is another effective text messaging strategy to get attention from your audience. Sending exclusive offers may prevent your messages from being ignored and help to increase your engagement rates.

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2. Your Brand Name

Your brand name in text messages is a key element that increases your response rate from your customers. 

It’s also more convenient for them to know who the texts are coming from. Once they see your brand name, they will incline to read your messages.

If you fail to include your brand name, your text messages might get deleted and you’ll waste money on your campaigns. You also waste time sending special deals if customers don’t know who’s sending the messages.

At the beginning of your messages, make sure you mention your brand name. This gives you the unique opportunity to build brand awareness and to personalize your messages.

3. Top-Priority Messages 

You need to create a sense of urgency in your messages. Making your messages top-priority causes your customers to take action.

You can include powerful and inspirational words in your message that motivate your customers to act. Include motivational words such as “now,” “quickly,” and “immediately,” to drive your customers into action.

These types of messages might cause people to visit your store or reply to your texts to learn more information about your offer.

4. Target Audience

Your bulk SMS marketing is more successful when you send them to your target audience. Gather information about your demographics.

Find out what they like to buy, their shopping habits, interests, and other essential details. Use this information to tailor and craft your text messages.

This technique makes your messages more relevant and valuable to people you want to reach. It also helps to increase your conversion goals.

5. Specific Message

Be specific when you’re sending messages. Your SMS audience might not have the time to read through a long message.

So, it should be short, enticing, and worth reading. Without a specific message, your audience might think you’re wasting their time and quick to delete your message.

Creating a specific message gives your customers convenience and makes them decide if your offer is valuable to them.

In your text message, you can also include links to a website, graphics of your offers, videos, and other appealing content to entice your customers. Use this strategy to make your offers stand out and to get increased engagements from customers.

6. Professional Messages

Craft professional messages according to the personality and style of your brand. You can also use relevant emoticons to add more interest and substance to your messages.

Try to avoid the overuse of all capital letters, exclamation points, or question marks in your copy. These are critical mistakes that could take away the professionalism of your business and make your messages harder to read.

Your promotional copy should be tasteful and persuasive enough to inspire a customer to respond to your text.

7. Tiny Links

Tiny links are a suitable option for bulk SMS marketing campaigns. The long links you use can break up and make your messages unappealing.

A customer might also get annoyed if they can’t click on the links you send them.

Tiny links are simple tools that make your long links shorter and easier for your customers to take action. You can shorten any URL in your text messages to create a better experience for your customers.

Shortening your links may also increase your click-through rates. Tiny links are convenient to use and make your messages more impactful.

8. Call-To-Action

Towards the end of your text message, be sure to include a call-to-action or CTA. Including a call-to-action in your text messages directs your readers to perform a specific action. 

For your CTA you can use common words such as:

  • submit
  • shop
  • buy
  • click here
  • visit
  • sign up

Your readers have no confusion when you include a clear CTA. Your readers are ready to take the next step you want them to make.

Maximize Your Campaigns With SMS Marketing 

These are important practices that you can incorporate for your SMS marketing. Text messages can help to drive sales as well as start conversations with your target audience.

With the right execution, your text marketing could be a powerful strategy that helps to progress your business and for you to keep your customer base.

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