7 Different Types of Video Content People Love to Watch

Video Content

A whopping 5 billion YouTube videos get viewed every day by online visitors.

Are you hoping to take up a fraction of those views with your own videos? If so, then you’re likely wondering what types of video content viewers want to see.

What draws in the most viewers? And how can you ensure your video marketing money gets spend wisely? Read on to find out what you should focus on in 2020.

1. Product Reviews

The number one type of video customers want to see is product reviews.

How often do you buy something without checking the reviews? Your customers don’t, either. They want to see proof of satisfied customers.

Videos are a great way to convey that message.

2. Viral Challenges

Are you wondering how to optimize video content for search engines? You’re not alone. Competitive companies are all after the same thing—a high Google rank to attract customers.

One way to help boost your video is to jump aboard something that’s already trending. Could your business or brand do a video on a viral challenge?

Even Donald Trump participated in the viral ice bucket challenge, so you can, too!

3. Top # Videos

How often do you click on an article or video that has a headline like “top ten videos?”

Well, this article is one of them, so the answer might be more often than you’d think! Incorporate this trick into your next video title to see the results for yourself.

4. How-To Content

How-to content is dominating the web right now. If you can incorporate a few how-to videos on your site, then you’re sure to see more traffic.

Thanks to the Internet, Americans want to learn DIY methods before they buy a product or service. Use that fact to your advantage!

5. News or Celebrity Gossip

Talking about the latest news or gossip is a great way to gain a following.

Due to declining television ratings, more Americans are looking online for news content. Consider adding a few videos discussing a recent event or compelling story.

6. Content That Reveals Hidden Secrets

By now, you’ve likely heard all about conspiracy theory communities on the web. These conspiracy theories aren’t on the fringe anymore—now they’re trending.

What makes conspiracy-related content so attractive? These videos promise to reveal ‘hidden’ knowledge or secrets. That’s why conspiracy content or unboxing videos usually rank very high.

If there’s a way to incorporate a trending conspiracy into your video, then do it. You don’t have to endorse the theories, but a simple mention can boost your views and even cause you to go viral.

7. Educational Content

Ready to learn? Aren’t we all.

The Internet is a fantastic resource to find educational content. That’s why you should have a few educational videos on your site to attract viewers.

Types of Video Content That Will Boost Your Reach

These seven types of video content will all help boost your online views and reach.

As a result, you’ll start to gain valuable leads. Your business will blossom like never before!

Video content is only one way to boost your online reputation. Are you looking to learn more ways to manage your reputation? Keep browsing through our blog for more of our latest content.