Engage And Win Influence: How Companies Use Social Media To Become Industry Experts

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Every company needs to take advantage of the power of social media to engage your customer base.

Social media can put you in a position of demonstrating your status as industry experts.

As social media increases feature in our everyday lives, companies are likewise competing to influence online. After all, by harnessing the power of social media you can build trust and loyalty with your customers.

Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, are increasingly functioning like search engines sites alongside Google.

The demographics of social media users have also significantly changed in recent years, which means that social marketing can be used to target all age groups now.

But how are companies doing this with social media? Keep reading to find out more.

1. Becoming Thought Leaders

Some companies simply use social media as yet another platform to promote their products and services. This is certainly a way to not only lose online followers. But also customers in the long run too.

You have to create value for your followers. This has seen some companies become what is known as, “thought leaders“. Thought leaders are industry experts that entertain and teach followers online with discussions and insights about business and life.

People in the industry can also keep up to date with the latest news and ideas in the industry by being a member of specialist sites such as Pharmacy Forum.

2. Be Transparent

While many companies have for some time been reluctant to fully dive into transparency. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that transparency cannot be avoided in the digital world.

However, the most innovative companies are embracing the new transparent business climate by adopting social media accounts featuring insights into their how the industry works.

This is good news for the companies doing this. According to a recent study, 82 percent of customers say they are more likely to trust a company if the CEO is active on social media.

3. Communicating with Consumers

Nowadays, consumers expect to be able to communicate with companies on social media. This allows for informal but quick responses by your customer service team on social media.

Many companies are embracing social media as a way to engage with large audiences. Even complaints by customers can turn into an opportunity to improve your service or products in the future.

It’s also a chance to inject a bit of fun into your brand and interaction with others. You can provide your followers with interesting content, such as blog posts and videos that engage and excite.

4. Accountable to Customers

If a customer is able to communicate and interact with you on social media, this provides a level of accountability that was previously absent from the relationship.

Companies are no longer faceless brands but they’re socially responsible brands. This makes consumers aware that you’re not just about profits.

If you’re building brand awareness, you can’t afford to simply create poor products or deliver a sub-standard service to your customers.

Industry Experts on Social Media

Follow in the footsteps of other innovative companies leading the way in creating value on social media for their customers and followers.

There are many important developments taking place in social marketing that you can be part of. To find out more about how to promote your company on social media and show yourself off as industry experts, check out our other blog posts.