How to Get More Google My Business Reviews For Your Barber Shop

google my business reviewsThere’s a high level of trust involved in letting someone cut your hair. Customers that walk into your barber shop are putting their faith in you that you’ll be able to cut their hair just as they want it.

Trust is crucial for any small business, especially ones where there’s a lot of one-on-one interactions with customers.

Once you’ve built trust with your customer base, you should harness it by asking customers for Google My Business reviews.

Why are reviews important?

Seventy-two percent of people say that reading a positive review about a business makes them trust a business more. And 88% of people say they trust an online review as much as a recommendation from a friend.

Encouraging reviews will help build trust and bring in new business. Here are some ways to get more GMB reviews.

Ask for Google My Business Reviews

The best way to get reviews is to ask for them. Asking customers, especially after they’ve received fantastic service, to give you Google My Business reviews is how you’ll get the most reviews.

Asking in-person is the best way, but there are other ways you can ask, too.

Whenever you interact with customers over social media, phone, or email, prompt them to check out your GMB page and leave a review.

Around your barber shop, hang up posters, pop-up cards, and other displays which prompt customers to leave a review while they’re waiting for their haircut.

While soliciting reviews or setting up review stations is against Google’s policy, you can still incentivize customers to leave reviews in a tasteful way. Every once in a while, offer a discount for leaving a review or hold a competition.

Make It Easy

The greatest hurdle to receiving reviews is that there are too many steps to doing so. If a customer remembers to give you a review, they have to pull up a browser, find your business, go to your GMB page, and leave a review.

If you could remove steps to make it easier for customers to remember to give you a review and write one, you’ll end up with more reviews.

You can remind customers through emails which include shortcut links which take them directly to your GMB page.

Respond to Reviews

Responding to reviews is a crucial step in building trust with potential customers. Whether they’re positive or negative, you should try your best to respond to each one.

For example, if a customer says something as bland as “This barber uses the best beard trimmers. I’ll definitely be back!” you have the opportunity to thank your customer and even bond over beard trimmers.

When you respond to reviews, you show current and potential customers you value their opinion and input. It also makes customers more inclined to leave a review if they see you’re actively looking at their comments.

You can find tips to responding to nice and nasty reviews here.

Google My Business Reviews Galore!

To grow your local business, you’ll need plenty of Google My Business reviews.

Getting more reviews doesn’t have to be a challenge. Frequently ask your customers – especially your happy ones – to leave reviews and make it easy for them.

Among those rave reviews, there will likely be some negative ones. Be brave and answer them in a courteous way.

To learn more about online reputation management including GMB reviews, check out our online reputation management service.