Pay Per Click: How to Make the Proper PPC Ad

Proper PPC Ad

If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions, why not consider PPC ads like Adwords or Facebook Ads. PPC is a smart marketing strategy because it drives traffic to your website, and you don’t pay a single dime unless someone clicks on the ad. This means that you only pay for what actually converts.

However, having a pay-per-click marketing strategy doesn’t mean you’ll automatically rake in the numbers. There’s a lot that goes into building a proper PPC ad. For your PPC strategy to translate into actual results, you need to get your ads to the right people at the right time.

This begs the question, how does one create a PPC ad that translates into profits? Of course, you have to create an ad that draws attention, but that’s just part of the process. if you want your ad to be a big hit, you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and really get to work

In today’s post, we’ll be showing you how you can create a killer PPC ad for your online business. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Pay-Per-Click?

Before we get to the complex stuff, let’s first make sure we have the basics down pat. Having a firm understanding of pay-per-click is imperative to creating a proper PPC ad.

Pay-per-click is an internet marketing model where you pay each time an internet user clicks on your ad. You can think of it as buying visits to your site instead of earning them organically. It’s a lot different from traditional advertising, where you pay the platform to display or broadcast your ad.

With search engine advertising like Google Adwords and Microsoft Advertising, the search engines allow you to bid for ad placement in their sponsored links section. That way, when someone searches a keyword related to your business offering, a link to your page appears on the sponsored section. 

Every time an internet user clicks on your ad, you’ll have to pay the search engine a specific fee. If your PPC strategy is seamless, the fee you pay will seem like nothing. That’s because the number of conversions will make up for any amount you pay the platform.

How to Make a PPC Ad

Creating a PPC ad takes a bit of time and IT knowledge. If you can’t do it yourself, you can always hire a PPC expert to do your bidding. That said, here’s how to make a PPC ad that converts.

Establish Intent

The first step in creating a successful PPC ad is establishing a reason for the ad. Are you trying to promote a brand, product, or service? You should know precisely what you want to promote to set the tone for your PPC campaign.

Having a clear reason for your PPC ad will make the subsequent steps much more straightforward. Before you head to the complex stuff, ensure you have a solid reason for your PPC ad.


Once you have your ad reason on lock, the next step is to find a goal for your ad.  Don’t confuse goal with reason. While the reason is the purpose of the ad, the goal is what you want your users to do once they click on your ad.

 Do you want the users to buy something from you, contact you, or generate a lead? Remember, you’ve paid for the users to click on the ad. Anything the user does after clicking on it should be profitable to you. That’s why you need to have a call to action at the end of your page, so the users don’t leave empty-handed.

Do Your Research

What’s a PPC marketing campaign without a bit of research to back it up? A failed PPC campaign is what it is. You need to do adequate research on your target audience and on when your product demand is highest.

Here are a couple of questions to guide you with your research:

  • Who is the ideal customer for your product or service
  • What age groups and locations does the product attract
  • What value does the product add to the customers

There are tons of ways you can get insight into the type of customers you want to attract. You can conduct surveys or create focus groups for your research.

Create an Attractive Ad

If you have the above on lock, now it’s time to create an attractive ad that’ll capture internet users’ attention. You can create an attractive ad with a few simple steps.  The steps are:

Start With a Title

The first step is to come up with a concise but attention-grabbing title. The title should be reflective of whatever you’re promoting and resonate with your target audience. Put yourself in the shoes of the target audience and ask yourself whether the ad would tickle your fancy.

State Your Offer

The ad offer is your ad content or what your ad is offering. The content should be simple and straightforward but should also stand out from the competition. Avoid anything too complicated because it’s likely to repel users.

Have a clear, concise message that’s straight to the point. Include one or two keywords in your ad for the greatest effect. Doing so helps your ad rank higher in search engine results.

Choose the Right Keywords

Once your ad is ready, you need to pick the right keywords for your PPC ads to rank higher. PPC ads run on a bidding system, so if you can’t get your money up, you’ll have to let your keywords do the talking. 

The number one mistake most marketers make is using broad keywords. This seems like a good idea but doing so means you’ll have to contend with the tough competition. If you’re on a tight budget, major websites will easily outbid you.

A better approach is to be extra specific with your keywords to shake off the competition. Using words specific to your target audience means you’ll only compete with a handful of competitors. After choosing the keywords, you need to create a budget for how much you’ll pay when users click on your ad.

It’s worth noting that each keyword has its own price and budget. You’ll have to pay more for keywords that are in greater demand; all the more reason to be specific with your keywords.

Test Your PPC Ad

It’s easy to leave your ad on autopilot after creating it, but that’s not the best approach. You need to consistently test your ad to ensure it’s meeting your expectations. One of the best ways to do so is via split testing.

Once you do your tests and everything is A-okay, you can say you have a proper PPC ad in place.

Only the Strongest Flourish

The only way your PPC ads will translate is if you have a solid PPC marketing strategy. Now that you know the right way to create a PPC ad, you should be well-positioned to enrich your PPC campaign. Remember, you can always ask for a bit of professional help if necessary.

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