Produce This: What Are the 5 Stages of Video Production?

Stages of Video Production

What are the stages of video production? If you need to create videos for your business, personal brand, or hobby, this is likely a question you have asked yourself. 

While there are all types of videos in a variety of styles and genres, the process of making a video is the same. There are five stages of video production that will take you from an idea to a finished product. Knowing these five stages is essential if you want to be successful at video production.

If you are thinking of creating a video but aren’t sure how, here are the five stages of production you need to know.  

Phase 1: Development

The first phase of video production is the development of the video. In this phase, you will start with an idea and then create the strategy to execute your idea. You will also plan out your development of the video, such as setting a budget and setting goals for your production process. 

Phase 2: Pre-Production

The next phase in video production is pre-production. In this phase, you will complete a series of tasks that will make the production process much easier. 

Pre-production tasks can include writing a script, creating a storyboard, creating a production schedule, hiring talent, and more. While this might not be an exciting phase, it is essential for creating a successful video.

Phase 3: Production

The next phase in video production is producing the video. In this phase, you will start recording, take everything from the first two phases, and use it to create your video. 

While the production phase is fun and satisfying, it can also become frustrating and complicated. You might experience delays, setbacks, unexpected costs, and more. 

Phase 4: Post-Production

The next phase in video production is post-production. In this phase, you will complete all of the tasks that will help ensure the finished product is as good as possible. 

Post-production tasks can include assembling the shots, adding credits, cleaning up the audio, correcting errors, and more. Much like pre-production, the post-production process is essential for creating a final product that is exactly what you want it to be. 

Phase 5: Marketing and Distribution

The final phase in video production is marketing and distributing. In this phase, you will raise awareness about your product and work to get it in front of your ideal audience. 

The major ways to distribute your video are television, social media, streaming platforms, and websites. By using one or all of these methods of distribution, you can ensure you are marketing your video to the best of your ability. 

These Are the 5 Stages of Video Production

There are a total of five stages of video production you need to complete to create a video. 

First, you will determine your idea and strategy and plan your development. Next, you will complete your pre-production tasks and produce your video. Finally, you will complete your post-production tasks and begin marketing and distributing your video. 

Complete these phases and you’ll be well on your way to successful video production.

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