Winning in the Blogosphere: How to Stay on Top of Current Health and Wellness Trends for Your Blog


If you want to develop a successful blog, then your content needs to keep up with the trends. Put out what your followers want to read.

Blogs need balance. While dipping into the pot of trending information, you need to still stay interesting and original to make a real statement in a sea of words.

Web surfers continue to search for health and wellness topics online. In fact, the data shows that 80% of internet users search a topic within this realm.

But simply throwing health information onto a page will not help you win in the blogosphere. Health and wellness trends constantly change, and you need to stay one step ahead of your fellow blogging community.

This takes research and intuition on your part. Let’s look at some of the current wellness trends, to see what makes today’s people tick.

Current Health and Wellness Trends

Knowing the current health trends and how they emerged will not only help you create key content now. It will also teach you what signs to look for when trying to figure out which topic will trend next.

Keep reading for our best tips on keeping up with hot topics to create a popular health blog.

Natural Supplements

With the legalization of marijuana on the rise, researchers continue to study cannabis and its constituents. CBD currently sits in the spotlight as the star of this trend.

This super oil works in the body to treat chronic pain, inflammation, acne, anxiety, depression, and possibly even cancer. Aside from the numerous benefits of CBD, people love that it comes from a plant and requires no processing.

The information age allows people insight that they never thought of before. They can now learn more about the potential dangers of pharmaceuticals, which makes them yearn to learn about safer, more natural alternative treatments.

Though CBD is still a hot topic, to stay one step ahead, you may want to choose something a little less buzzed about. A post about black seed oil, for instance, will draw readers your way.

Black seed oil also provides many health benefits. This substance can safely and naturally help with inflammation, hair loss, losing weight, and regulating blood pressure. Unlike CBD, you can legally obtain this oil in all 50 states, making it potentially more desirable.

Do your research and talk about natural remedies that people need to know about. Also, use reputation services to see which of your blog posts people search most to help you make future decisions.

Alternatives to Medicine

People want to know how to stay healthy without changing their body chemistry. Look East to find the hottest Western interests.

Yoga continues to dominate the interest of those who want complete mind and body healing. For something a little different, create posts on reiki healing, qigong, brain core neurofeedback, and acupuncture. 

Watch the direction people take their health care regimen to see where they will take it next. Read about new hot spots opening up in big cities like LA and NYC, as those health conscious trends tend to trickle inward to the rest of the states.

Build Your Online Reputation 

Creating a relevant and interesting blog can help you build your online reputation. Use these tips to stay on top of the health and wellness trends.

Also, know where you stand with your target market. Reputation management will help you stay on track by knowing where you stand and where you need to focus your efforts. Conduct a reputation audit and start using tools to help you win in the blogosphere.