How to Be a Good Salesman: 5 Pro Tips for Successful Selling


Did you know that there are almost 6 million sales reps in the USA? Salespersons are taking advantage of today’s hyper-connected world to reach out to a wider range of customers than ever before. 

However, there are salesmen and good salesmen. Knowing how to be a good salesman means more than just understanding your product. It involves a knowledge of people and their psychology. 

What key skills should every salesperson possess? Why not check out our list of the top 5. 

1. Know Your Target Audience

If you want to know how to get good at sales, an understanding of inbound sales methodology can help you. 

In its simplest definition, inbound marketing involves curating high-quality content that connects with customer needs. You then target your approach to those who interact with that content.  

As an example, you may want to know how to sell life insurance successfully. You decide to create blog articles regarding the kindness of parents creating a fund for their children’s education. 

By targeting those who interact with this article, you are conversing with people who are interested in providing for their children. Your conversion rate will be much higher than simply cold calling.

2. What are Your Customer’s Needs?

No business is perfect. Your product meets a need or removes some kind of pain from the business. Likely the business has set aside a budget for the removal of that pain. 

Your job is to build a relationship with the company so that they relate their true needs to you. You can then respond with a product or service that addresses that need. 

You should stick close to the business as they transition to your product and afterward as they overcome initial problems. Regular communication with the client builds trust. It also increases the chance that they will be a repeat customer in the future.

3. What Are Your Goals?

It can be easy to judge your sales potential by the current situation of the market. If the outlook is positive then sales will be good. 

The top 2% of salespersons do not do this. 

The most successful salespersons look at their personal goals and targets and work to meet them regardless of the market. They chase up lost customers. Make friends with new contacts. Reduce customer loss. This behavior brings results.

4. The Science Behind Sales

Many view sales as an art. They strive to improve their ability as artists and put success down to personal charisma. This is not the way to become a good salesman. 

Sales is a science. This is true for all large companies and new start-ups. It is based on processes, communication, and managed by tools. Because of this, it is scalable.

If you want to become a successful salesperson, look to understand the processes that your company has in place. If they need updating, consider carefully what sales techniques your competitors are utilizing.

5. Measure Your Success

A sales is a science, it is quantifiable and measurable. This brings distinct advantages. If you can measure something then you can improve it.

As you apply your sales strategies, ensure that you regularly take the time to assess their success. Set clear sales benchmarks that you can later refer to. 

As you crunch the numbers you will likely see both strengths and weaknesses. These will form your targets for the next period. Address weaknesses by training or bringing in talent that can compensate for these weaknesses.

How to Be a Good Salesman and Much More

Knowing how to be a good salesman involves understanding people, their needs, and knowing how to tailor your approach. 

Sales can be a very profitable form of employment for a person with the right skills and objectives. If you are interested in learning more, why not check out our other blog posts. We gather information regarding the latest business and sales developments. Why not see how we can help you today.