How ORM Services Can Give Your Business a Second Chance

orm services

Did you know that Google Processes about 228 million searches per hour?

In the digital age, people can find out a lot of information about you by typing your name into a search engine.

Do you know what your online search results say about you or your brand? If you don’t, we created this post to tell you about the importance if ORM services.

Read on and take the first step and manage your online image.

What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation services management (ORM) deals with controlling your image in the online community. Almost every single business, public figures, and individuals have an online history.

Whether it is a website, social media accounts, networking profiles, etc, your online reputation matters.

A risky online profile from 5 years ago could show up in the present and create a problem or get in the way of a business deal if the values don’t line up with the organization.

Damaging online content doesn’t go away that easily, which is why you need ORM services.

Why It Matters?

People can search anything they want on Google. And while some employers or potential clients might perform a search, or might not care about what they find, others do.

Are you okay with people making decisions about your future based on your online search results? Of course not, because that’s only a small part of who you are.

Not too mention, how much can you actually rely on online reviews? Anyone can write a bad review or say something negative about someone on the internet and the consequences don’t bounce back on them.

Some of the material posted online stays on the web forever. You might have control over your Facebook embarrassing photos, but you don’t have control over what third parties post.

What Is Your Current Online Reputation?

Before you hire ORM services, do a little digging into your online past. Start by googling yourself.

Remember to log out of your Google account and use a private window to look up your business’ name or yours. Type it in the same as other people would to get accurate results.

Based on the results, there would be steps to clean up or improve your online image.

The Steps You Should Take

All of the content won’t go away and ignoring it could hurt your brand’s image sooner or later.

If you’re in the search for a new job, make sure your networking profiles match your qualifications.

Clean up your personal social media accounts and delete stuff that could get you in trouble in the professional world. Delete references to underage drinking, drugs, racism, sexism, or opinionated religious or political views.

Then hire an ORM specialist that will help you determine the kind of services you need.

Bear Fox Marketing’s blog has more useful online services for your business, check it out!

Perhaps you have no online presence and you need to build one. There might be some embarrassing content you want to bury. Or you simply need to add to the existing positive content.

ORM Services Wrap Up

Don’t leave your online reputation in the hands of strangers.

It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of cleaning up to do, take control of your image, let the experts help you.

Interested to find out what your online reputation is? Use our free reputation audit tool and find out.