How an Agile Certification Can Lead to Customer Satisfaction

Agile Certification

You’ve no doubt heard about the Agile methodology’s many benefits in fields like IT and development by now. You may also be aware that the definition of Agile is shifting to encompass more and more departments.

Until now, you may have been dismissing Agile as something that only works for backend processes. You may be missing out on the best way to make your customers more satisfied and keep them coming back.

Keep reading to learn how getting an Agile certification can increase customer satisfaction.

Why Agile and Customer Service?

Applying the Agile methodology to the structure of your customer service team may seem odd. After all, frontline employees typically deal with formulaic problems. The standard framework of formulaic solutions seems ideal.

In the age of personal algorithms and social media, customers don’t want formulaic solutions. They want personalized fixes.

Frontline staff is trained to go to a manager to offer a resolution beyond the ordinary. This results in a longer wait and a perception of incompetence for the customer. No one likes to be put on hold or transferred.

Agile empowers teams to take ownership of problems and find innovative solutions. This allows your customer service teams to resolve even the more complex customer problems on their own.

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction with Agile

A few components of the Agile methodology are most important for your customer service department.

First, you need to ensure that your customer care teams are given ownership of each customer case. The customer care team should take full responsibility for each customer case, from start to finish. They should feel motivated to resolve each issue and satisfy each customer.

According to the Agile methodology, these teams should be both self-managing and cross-functional. That means that employees at all skill levels of customer care should be working as a team.

There should also be experts from other areas of your company, like IT, who can jump in and assist the customer care team as necessary. This will result in the whole team feeling (and being) more knowledgeable about all aspects of your product. Increased knowledge and confidence mean better customer care.

The biweekly Agile routine is also a great substitute for individual performance reviews. The team can create goals together and determine how well they are reaching those goals. They can also make changes as necessary to ensure customers’ needs are being met and exceeded.

You can get an agile certification to learn about all the Agile methodology aspects and how to apply them to customer service. Many online courses provide Agile certifications, like the ones offered on this website.

Agile Certification for Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is just one of the many benefits of Agile certification. As you implement Agile in more departments, you will discover it can benefit almost every part of your business.

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