Streamline Your Processes: How to Choose a Content Marketing Platform

Content Marketing Platform

Around 90% of marketers use digital content to approach their audience. The right content marketing platform will improve your content strategy from the get-go.

31% of marketers rely on blogging and short articles to increase brand awareness. The platform you use impacts how your content gets distributed/seen and performs.

Consistency is the key to a successful content strategy. The best platforms make it much easier to be consistent about delivering content.

Keep reading before you choose a platform for content marketing.

Must-Have Features

Quality platforms share certain features across the board. These standard features help you create, maintain, and support your content marketing plan.

For instance, automation makes it so your content gets published at a certain time/date. Automated features help maintain a consistent content marketing calendar with less hands-on effort.

Make sure your platform has plenty of SEO tools. This includes keyword research, keyword analysis, layout format help, site audits, and more. 

A platform’s features play a role in shaping this next thing to look out for:


Look for a platform that specializes in the type of content you (strive to) create. There is software that caters to all the specific types of content marketing.

Does your strategy depend on infographics? If so, choose a platform that provides extra support for visual content. The ideal platform should provide access to high-quality images to use. 

It’s true that many platforms allow for collaboration. The standard collab features still aren’t enough for those who collaborate often. If this describes you, you’ll need a platform with more collaboration features.

Reports, Analytics, and Metrics

Great content marketing platforms provide you with information about your content’s performance. This data helps you finetune your content marketing strategy for success.

Reputable platforms allow their users access to in-depth performance reports around the clock. Get more information about a company that provides users with advanced reports 24/7 via the previous link.

Your platform should tell you your content’s views, visitor count, shares, on-site search queries, and more. It should also give you information about the number and quality of the conversions your content receives.

You know you’ve found a good platform if it helps you do the following:

Competitor Research

Remember: Your competitors are creating content too. Find a platform that gives you insights and measurements related to your competition.

Good platforms give you tools to assess your competition’s content and do better. This includes competitor site audits, keyword analysis, readability scores, and more.

Your Content Marketing Platform Supports Your Success

56% of businesses worldwide plan to spend more on content creation. Investing in the best content marketing platform puts you ahead of the game.

72% of businesses claim that content marketing increases the number of leads they generate. You’ll get more information about these leads with the right platform.

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